Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Rose Garden

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Karen … Rose garden at Arco São Jorge

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9 thoughts on “Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Rose Garden”

  1. Went to the rose garden back in late May. Flowers gorgeous. Basic planting plan well thought out. Maintenance AWFUL. Roses need to be dead headed and hav etheir beds weeded now and again. Climbers and ramblers need to be tied in to their supports not left with six foot thorny streamers waving around. Bit sad really. Hope they have got it under control by now. Lunch in the cafe opposite was great.

  2. We haven’t been to Arco de Sao Gorge yet but there is a lovely rose garden up at the Emporor’s old Quinta garden at Monte, complete with wicker chairs – you almost expect the tea to arrive any moment in china cups.

    We have a row of roses in our garden here in Sao Roque, Funchal, which are splended for a few weeks in Feb/March when they first come out but sadly they always then seem to suffer badly from mildew. Maybe it’s really too hot for them here. We’re thinking of replacing them gradually.

  3. Nothing to do with roses, which are my favourite, must vivitsites Frances and Jacuine have mentioned when over next time, but cars.
    I read that car parts are being nicked.
    The motor parts factor located outside Madeira Shopping who does clutches, pads, linings etc has his shop up for rent.
    Are parts expensive?
    Are labour rates being charged by garages becoming expensive?
    Small garages in East Anglia (named after the Ford Anglia) do a good job at £50 per hour or less.
    A friend had their spare wheel put on at a Mercedes main dealer and they charged £276 plus Vat.
    he put the wheel back himself!

  4. I did a piece on twinning the other day, and was probably fairly uncomplimentary about the whole process, but was not challenged for doing so.

    Anyway, I saw a comment from the new mayor of Doncaster in England … a man after my own heart :

    “Doncaster is in for some serious un twinning. We are twinned with probably nine other cities around the world and they are just for people to fly off and have a binge at the council’s expense”.

  5. Our garage (outskirts of Funchal) do a superb job servicing, checking and teaching you to drive “a la Madeiran” = all for less than 20 euros an hour, with a handwritten detailed service record, receipts and any old replaced parts given to you …. plus you get a free lift into Funchal and back when your car is ready!

    I’ve got a twin in Sheffield – would Bertie pay for me to visit him and have a binge?

  6. Hello Martin
    I visited Monte Palace tropical gardens yesterday and am ashamed to say that in the 10 years of living here, have never visited them before. An absolute must place to see, I was really blown away with my visit, pretending to be a tourist and feeling like I was not at home, but on a different planet. Will be writing the experience up and posting it up on my website in a couple of days for any one interested, but I can really recomend the gardens as a place to visit if you haven’t yet done so.

    Next port of call is the Gardens of Sao Jorge…seemed to have missed them out as well!

    BTW does anyone want any seeds of marigold, cosmos, cleomie, calendula and a mix of flowers whose names escape me as I have loads..can’t chuck em away, but am a bit over run with them from my new garden?

  7. PPS If anyone is passing or lives in Ponta do sol I have Zillions of tomatoes (cherries) I am going to rip the plants out at the weekend as I sick of the sight and taste of them now…so if anyone would like them bring a punnet and come and pick them before they dissapear!

  8. Hi, Friend!

    Went to the garden back in late could. Flowers attractive. Basic set updating plan well thought out. Maintenance AWFUL. Roses have to be compelled to be deadheaded and have their beds weedless currently and once more.
    Climbers and ramblers have to be compelled to be tied into their supports not left with six-foot thorny streamers waving around. Bit unhappy extremely. Hope they need to get it in check by currently. Lunch at the restaurant opposite was nice.

    Please, continue your good work in the future!

    Maryann Wilhite


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