Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Espada Fish

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Jim … Fishmarket Are we going through a phase of scary creatures at present?

madeira news blog 0908 jim fish market

Weekend Football : Marítimo play away at Leiria on Sunday at 5 pm, and Nacional, probably pretty tired after a hard game and long journey to Russia, play at home against Olhanense on Monday evening at 7 pm. Neither game is televised.

Have a great weekend!

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6 thoughts on “Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Espada Fish”

  1. Nice and cool this side Der, Quite overcast , black as i look towards the airport with rain out at sea , so maybe our man in Gaula has rain????
    Very windy to….

  2. Hullo, your man from Gaula here! Weather update: A little light drizzle and breezy with patchy sun now and again……looks lovely towards Funchal – Ha! I am supremely confident that the sun will be out fully soon and that I can get on with cementing and painting my new window surrounds! Deb is hard at work “bondexing” the cobertura – inside! But it is nice and warm….shorts and T shirt weather – BBQ planed for this evening….Happy Bank Holiday U.K. folks.

  3. Hi , Does anyone know about something that happens in Machico tonight, apparently they do displays of fire in the mountains or something like that, anyone got any info????

  4. Hi Tobi,

    It is the Festa of the holiest with torches this weekend in Machico. Tradition of the torches goes back to the early years of settlement. The flares that mark the beginning of the celebrations of the Blessed in Machico light tonight as tradition dictates. The lighting of the torches ceremony is scheduled for nine o’clock, the Mass will be later, at 21.45. The festival continues tomorrow with Mass at four in the afternoon, followed by a procession.

    The tradition of the beams back to the early years of settlement and, according to historians, had a military function and of vigilance. However, with the passing of time, the flares have lost that significance, but continued to light the religious parties in Machico. The records of the early twentieth century indicate that these torches were small fires made from pine cones.

    Currently, the torches light up the night of the vigil of the Feast of the Holiest Sacrament, which is always the last Sunday of August. It is considered, along with the Feast of Our Lord of Miracles, one of the most important religious and community events in the region of Machico.


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