Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Botanical Gardens

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Jim … White peacock snapped at the Botanical Gardens

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Unable to get spares for my broken down toaster, we eventually parted company yesterday, a rather sad occasion, but thinking that someone else might give her a good home I put her on the outside wall and waited 2 hours and 33 minutes before she was taken. It was the bin man that took her in eventually, and I know she will have a good home, as I saw him showing her off lovingly to the other two bin men, who were looking rather envious. No doubt he will buy some bread on the way home, only to find her most unresponsive when plugged in. But people here are resourceful, and I have high hopes that by this time next week she will have been put to another good use, maybe adapted as a wine cooler, or a rabbit hutch perhaps.


Great picture Jim, thanks.


Aurora has put her Madeira holiday snaps on her blog, and she has put herself in every one of them. GET TO KNOW AURORA AND HER VERY GOOD FRIEND

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18 thoughts on “Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Botanical Gardens”

  1. Sorry the site was down last night, and thanks to those who contacted me to let me know. The site host sent this message:

    “The planned upgrade to a new Server overnight (latest versions of PHP and SQL) failed – problems migrating to the new hardware apparently.

    As of 8.00 this morning it was rolled back to the previous state – so everything is working fine now. Sorry to mess you around – will remember to let you know next time it is attempted!”

  2. Hello Der

    If anyone has any problems in downloading the movie from your link today, it is easier to use a Torrent Search Engine. Go to and download the free version, then go back to the page where you want to download the movie from, choose the first option for the torrent download. A pop up box will ask if you want to continue and the Bitlord will take over the rest of your download. It will save the file to your bitlord download folder and from there you can access the movie.
    Hope this helps. Sam

  3. I can vouch for the lovely clear water at Calheta, my daughter and I swam from one beach to the other and back again the other week and we could see the rocks and sand below us the whole way across.

  4. The water at barreirinhas in Funchal old town was fantastic when we were there recently – it was so clear that you could see all the fish as you swam along and several starfish stuck on the rocks beneath your feet – no need for a snorkel and mask to view underwater! The water was extremely warm too. We did have 2 days when small jellyfish arrived for a while, but they soon disappeared.

  5. Like Sue, we have to put up with our neighbours’ dogs barking(one house in particular). When we bought our apt 7 years ago there were two, then the numbers gradually increased to twenty. Last time we were out we counted ten but could hear muffled barking from indoors, so they are being let out in relay!! I did go down to the council offices to complain in my best Portuguese but because the dogs do not appear unhealthy nothing seemed to be able to be done. Don’t think it would be the same here! Other neighbours around also have one or more dogs but they are quiet most of the time, except for dusk when the whole canine world in Funchal seems to say goodnight. Anyway we have got used to the noise and it hasn’t stopped our enjoyment or love of the island. We can’t wait to to get there in a few weeks time and are almost looking forward to counting the dogs ………..

  6. Andres, you are you are obviously missing the point – yet again! Der’s lament re his toaster was a perfectly worded humouros and descriptive narrative report about passing on ones previously loved possession’s to a worthy cause – not condescending, not patronising but reflecting a real social situation here. What would you prefer him to do? Throw it in the bin to be destroyed?

    Have you never heard of “give and take”? We have and so have our neighbours…..we ALL (rich, poor, Madeiran and us (your) stereo type immigrants) share a common bond – if we no longer have a use for something then maybe somebody else has …. we (and they) place it “in the street” and IF it has value to others then it “walks” …. whats your problem?

    So, you won’t have a need for our two old windows that we are replacing (due to our dammed hard work) but our poor neighbours (who have just sweated and toiled to build a covered outside BBQ area) just might have ….

    I assume (and do not make an ass out of you and me) that you are NOT from Madeira?

  7. thanks Jon, and yes go away Andres, go and bother some other blogger. Despite what you think, I can say what I like here, either truth, or opinion, or if I am up to it even humour. I do respect my community here and am part of it, despite what you quite wrongly imply, and I don’t put in 6 hours of effort a day with little recompense to hear your crass critical opinions. You have the prestige of being the first ever person in two years to be being barred from this blog … last orders and goodbye.

  8. Those downloading sites seem to have conditions attached eg you can only continue to download if you download a ratio yourself. Much as I would like to see the Madeira programme it seems to link you with a site that has conditions. Am I wrong?

  9. I didn’t try Viv, but did you see Sam’s post on the other blog posting yesterday? I get so much spam rubbish I am afraid to sign on for anything these days.

    Martin, old pal, … just four and a half questions. 1. How man pins has the plug on your toaster. 2. When are you coming to Madeira again. 3. How much room will you have in your suitcase. 4. Will I feel belittled by such an offer if the toaster doesn’t work. 5. Is it suitable for a loft conversion, or at the very least a small dog kennel if it doesn’t work?

  10. Adeus Andres – personally I won’t miss your contributions to this great blog. Anyone who condones animal cruelty and has such an obvious lack of humour would be better suited to Aurora’s blog.

  11. I am born to a Madeiran mother and live in London. My parents live in Madeira and I go out around 5 or 6 times a year. Why that is relevant, I don’t know.

    Very interesting opinion, Der. You can say what you want, but don’t want to extend that courtesy to others.

  12. Good god what is wrong with people, I have a company in the Uk and have started one here I listen to peoples views and opinions all day every day. I do not discriminate or take sides, but listen to peoples valid comments. I thought this Blog was about sharing information and helping out other’s if required. What I have read so far has been nothing but churlish threats and comment’s. having expressed my own valid opinion will I not be welcomed on this blog by some.

    The photographic contributions are interesting and of good quality as are many of the articles written it would be a shame to spoil it. A good example was how well do you know Madeira, for some it is very helpful a great idea.


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