Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Agapanthus Flower

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Karen … Agapanthus flowers

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This short article popped up yesterday, and although not really worth a read on its own, it does come with a rather nice film of Porto Santo, and has that essential young couple with a young girl that is just asking to be picked by mum so the pair can spin around … PRICELESS

Oh the power of blogging … On Monday I gave a link to a private website that started off with (3) ‘Reasons not to go to Madeira’. A quick check back reveals that the author has now relegated those reasons from the top to the bottom of the page, and added a comment "I could read about this article that this last section is not very accurate …". Cumon’ who upset Matthias??? Own up!

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5 thoughts on “Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Agapanthus Flower”

  1. The Tourist board of Madeira really do need to get to grips with whats actually happening on the ground here:

    B***A cars are supplying old, unsafe and tatty cars NOT to pre booked requirements.

    Other companies are trying to charge up to 1,000 euro per week in August.

    Advertised tourist areas are overflowing with rubbish and un emptied (?) refuse bins, with plastic water bottles etc. littering the landscape i.e. Ponta da Sao Lourenco.

    The Tourist board must concentrate on the core values of tourism – it’s not just a question of making a “quick buck” but rather more about sustaining tourism with due respect for our society, the environment and the future.

  2. Agree with you totally Jon.

    The rubbish is a big problem , and it gets on my nerves when people say how clean Madeira is , Yes it is clean , Funchal very clean in fact , but once you gey out to view points and levadas its a different story, garajau Cristo Rei is another rubbish tip.

  3. Rubbish is indeed a problem outside Funchal, but not as bad as rural East Anglia where motorists delight in throwing anything surplus in to the verges.
    The problem worsens annually.

  4. Hi John

    I also agree with that car hire company too, when family came over earlier this year, the clutch burnt out on the second day, they insisted on them driving it back to them, but in the end had to come out with another car and tow the broken one away. A few days later the second car broke down and had to be carted off and replaced. On the way back to the airport and delivering the third car back to them, that broke down as well and this was all in the space of one week! All 3 cars were battered and rough, were not maintained and in my opinion, had it been me hiring the car, I would not have accepted any of them.


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