Allotments In Demand ; Chapel Robbed 4 Times ; Help For Santa Cruz Fire Victims

(4th August). The main front page photo today shows a packed group of emergency workers : ‘Accident In Oeiras Kills Three Youths Of Portuguese Descent’. The children of emigrants from Ribeira Brava, aged 19, 15, and 13, died early yesterday morning in a car accident’. The two younger children, living in Venezuela with their family, were in Portugal on holiday when the head-on collision happened. The older teenager lived in Ribeira Brava and had gone to the continent to join the family holiday.

‘Câmara Delivers 64 More Allotments – The new plots are in São Martinho and in Ilhéus (Funchal). The fashion is catching on and there are still 140 signed up on the waiting list’. In the latter location, the council has had the land since the 1970’s, but never used it. Conversion is work still underway at both sites. The plots are given out by the council free of charge for agricultural use, and come complete with water access / irrigation, a fence, and a garden shed. All the tenant has to do is sign a contract of responsibility. Funchal council is keen on its policy to provide allotments, as it not only increases green zones in the city, but also provides work and therapy for people, as well as feeding their families.

And just when I thought the somewhat more serious fires in Santa Cruz were already forgotten‘Santa Cruz Council and Madeira government are to give assistance to families affected by the fire in Santa Cruz – The objective is to restore the houses and substitute damaged equipment’. The Junta de Freguesia of Caniço (town council) is also there to offer support. In a communication, the council headlined "the enormous effort" made by the fire brigade to protect homes, with the goal almost achieved, with just one house losing a door and windows. The message also notes the support given to the firemen in tackling the flames, with the supply of water and milk(?). The release also calls for the land to be cleaned up, particularly near to homes. Perhaps the firemen used the water on the fires and drank the milk, but more likely that’s a colloquialism that hasn’t yet arrived to my eager brain. Anyway, nice job all round! As for the ‘offer’, with just one house damaged, it’s not going to be a very costly offer of aid me thinks.

Today’s top football story : ‘Pepe Yields Another €900,000 To Marítimo – At a crucial time Marítimo sees its finances boosted with another €900k. It is the transfer of Pepe still making money’. The player left Marítimo some seasons ago, but his subsequent transfer from FC Porto to Real Madrid brings in further revenue due to future transfer contract terms.

‘Airport Accident Has Preliminary Report – The investigation has the objective of helping to avoid further accidents’. The Office of Prevention and Investigation of Accidents with Aircraft, an agency of the Ministry of Public Works for Transport and Communications, has made public a report of the investigation into the crash that occurred at Madeira International Airport on 24th of May. The aircraft involved was used for aerobatics, and crashed on landing bursting into flames. One of the two occupants died afterwards in hospital.

A 46 year old man was found dead in a river in sítio da Alegria, São Roque. He is believed to have fallen 25 metres, and was reported missing on Sunday.

‘Street Teams In Nogueira’. The well known social problems in the neighbourhood of Camacha are now being monitored by two teams of ‘technicians’ from social security (services?), who have been working the streets for the last few weeks, with the aim of diverting young people from unacceptable behaviour. The work is done at night as much as during the day.

An assessment of the situation of the smoking laws introduced over 18 months ago is that people accepted them and obeyed very well, and there are very few problems with smoking in public or prohibited places.

‘Chapel Of São Cristóvão Was Vandalised Again In Another Assault’. The chapel in Jardim da Serra  was damaged during the break in, and the donation box was robbed, the fourth time this year. Not much was stolen as the collection box is emptied daily. Just a thought, but perhaps a note on the front door of the chapel ‘The Collection Box Is Emptied Daily’, might be helpful.

As previously covered, the collection of separated organic waste starts today in a trial in Funchal. The residents in Imaculado Coração de Maria had to buy their own brown recycling bins to participate in the project.

The president of the organising commission for the Rali Vinho Madeira guaranteed yesterday that the rally here will continue to be part of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC), for three more years.

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