Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Country Scene

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Alan … A countryside view

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5 thoughts on “Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo … Country Scene”

  1. Just home from a week in Madeira and thought I’d share some of the good & the bad!
    Afternoon tea at Reids was terrible. Have been before and thoroughly enjoyed it, this time food was ok but service very bad. Seemed short of staff and waiters rude. We complained and were not charged for the meal, but a lovely afternoon ruined.
    In contrast a visit to the top of the Vine was first class, fantastic views and attentive staff.
    Glad to say everything else, as ususal, was great in Madeira and can’t wait to come back in September.

  2. The software for this website is going to be upgraded from midnight tonight, and it may be that the site is unavailable until around 10am tomorrow.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

  3. Nice to see your back safe Pam , Good job you were not flying this evening as the airport is closed due to bad weather , i believe a few planes have gone over to Porto Santo, looks very black that way , whats it like up in Gaula JON, its ok here at the moment and seems to be going out to see so we may miss it.

  4. Well, apart from some low cloud and mist affecting Machico and the Airport area (with some light rain being blown over this way in the sunshine) not so bad in Gaula! Indeed, we have been hot and sunny for most of the afternoon…..The Airport looks “useable” now and it was merely (?) a problem with pilots not being able to obtain a visual contact with the Airport/Runway whilst approaching the downwind leg of the landing circuit……there we go = the ATP from Porto Santo has just made an approach and landing – no sweat!


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