June Atlantic Festival ; Tourism From Venezuela?

(22nd May). ‘Portugal Wants Tourists From Venezuela – Bernardo Trindade, visiting Caracas, explains the aspirations of the government’. Sr. Trindade is the minister for tourism of the republic of Portugal, and he always seems to keep a keen eye on the interests of Madeira. "Venezuela is an interesting market" he says in this extensive interview with the Diário. "Given its recent economic performance and the prospects for development, we have a planned an approach over the last year to tackle the Venezuelan market, with closer ties and areas of cooperation in various fields". He says that in the overall picture, the current level of Venezuelan tourists visiting Portugal is very small. Just as a point of interest, Trindade states in his interview "The Portuguese community in Venezuela has a special meaning to me, because of the approximately 400 thousand members that are there, 80% are Madeirans". That is staggering, and means that Venezuela is home to around 70,000 more Madeirans than Madeira itself!

(22nd May). I know there are some people waiting for this news, so here we go : ‘Pyrotechnic display back in June – Germany, Russia and Italy are the countries participating in the international competition this year’.  Funchal will come to life with the eighth edition of the International Fireworks Competition on Madeira. As usual, in connection with the contest tender for the new year display, there will be four ‘piromusical’ shows presented on Saturday(?) nights, all at 10.30pm. The Italians go first on 6th June, followed by the Russians the following Saturday. The Germans then have their go on the 20th. The final show on the 28th (Sunday?) will be ‘Macedo’s pyrotechnic’, regular visitors on Madeira from Portugal. All performances will last approximately 20 minutes. The public will be invited to vote for the best display, as well as a 9 person panel that will assess and reward the best in their view. The International Fireworks Competition of Madeira, which began in 2002, is integrated with the Atlantic Festival, an event promoted by the Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Transport (SRTT), which runs from the 4th to the 27th June. You will find more details available here nearer the time (after 26th May): ATLANTIC FESTIVAL

(22nd May). ‘Book Fair Already Stirs – Portuguese and foreign authors release new books in the exhibition, inaugurated on Thursday, to show books until the 31st May’. I would guess that there are not many readers of Portuguese books who read this blog, so I will just leave it as one of the day’s news headlines.

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