Guards With Guns ; Unemployment Up ; Residency Permits Limited

(20th May) On the national TV news this morning it was announced that the law has been changed to allow security guards, working for private companies, to carry guns. The change is effective from 6th June. Whether that will automatically apply to Madeira under its autonomous status I don’t know.


(16th May) Unemployment for Portugal as a whole is hovering around the 8.9% mark, higher than expected. Nearly half a million people are now registered as unemployed, in the worst situation in the last 23 years. I wonder if someone will release the Portuguese equivalent of the 1981 hit by UB40 ‘One In Ten’ … a dire situation indeed.


(15th May) The government of the republic approved on Thursday a decree limiting the number of residency permits to be issued for the year to 3,800. This applies only to residence visas to be granted to non-EU nationals, wishing to work in Portugal. In 2008 the number issued was 8,600, yet there were only 3,300 jobs offered to non-EU nationals that year.

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