Jardim To Fund ViaMadeira, Natural Park Study, Desertinha, & Other Snippets

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Vic … Sea Cloud 2 from Caniço.

Front Page News : main source : Diário de Notícias 22/4/2009

The main story of yesterday : ‘Jardim Obliged To Bail-Out ViaMadeira –  The banks are reluctant to loan money to the maintainer of various major roads, pushing the regional government to rely on economic diplomacy that could result in a loan of €472 million’. If the banks don’t want to get involved, that almost certainly means that they don’t expect to be repaid at all or in an acceptable manner. Sounds like a future hit for the taxpayer of you ask me!

There is a study planned for the natural parks of Madeira, that will include the caves, and also additional studies into the habitats of our sea lions, that will feed into an international study being done in this field, that originated from a conservation initiative started in 1988.

The ongoing row about the positioning of the PSD-M candidate on the list of potential Euro MPs seems to have been resolved. The president of the social democrats nationally is to move Madeira’s candidate from 8th to 5th place on the list, meaning that it will be pretty much guaranteed that Madeira will continue to have direct representation in the European parliament. Where that will leave the original post holder, who was sacked for protesting about Madeira’s placing, remains to be seen. A big embarrassment for any other politician, but for Uncle Bertie who would be unlikely to suffer form even a gunshot wound, it’s just another chapter in a long long saga.

Other News (some saved up from the last week) :

Machico beach in São Roque, after finally improving it’s water quality to earn the ‘Blue Flag’ for 2009, is in danger of losing that status already. Ongoing work on the historic pontão (pontoon) that started 3 weeks ago, is spoiling the water quality with soil and stones. We will know the decision next month.

The number of cruise ships coming into Funchal, during the first quarter of 2009, was up 9% on the same period last year. However the number of passengers ‘dropped off’ was down 1%. 73 cruise ships have docked so far, compared to 67 last year.

Those who can remember back to December, may recall an old sea lion named ‘Desertinha’, who came to shore in Funchal in a sick condition. Efforts to save her failed, and she died, but her body was preserved with the purpose of giving her a permanent home on Madeira. It has now been decided that her embalmed body will be homed in an annex to the main house in the Botanical Gardens, which used to be used as a shop for the ‘Friends of the Botanical Gardens’. She will form part of an exhibition which shows the various conservation projects going on. The centre will not be ready until the end of this year.

The Portugal property market is undergoing a period of ‘adjustment’ according to a property consultant firm, who think this will certainly continue for the rest of this year. It also sees the possibility of more buyers appearing, after a strategic “wait and see” (yes, that how it was said in Portuguese) period by the “players” (ditto), but that may depend on the availability of credit.

After the new services already introduced in Funchal and Ponta do Sol, ‘Casa Pronta’ now has more facilities open in Câmara de Lobos and Porto Santo. Casa Pronta (Ready House) is a facility where you can perform all operations related to the purchase and sale of urban homes. You can pay taxes, do the contracts of purchase and sale, make the necessary registrations, request an exemption from payment of Municipal Property Tax (IMI), or do a change of address for tax purposes. These facilities cover all of Madeira, and are not specific to the districts in which they are located. Soon to follow, and along the same principles, will be an office in Edifício 2000 in Funchal, dealing with matters of inheritances.

President Jardim of the Regional Government of Madeira is being honored with the medal “Tiradentes”, by the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro. The last statesman to receive one was president Hugo Chávez of Venezuela. A spokesman here said “it not so common” that an important person living outside of Brazil is blessed with such a commendation and “It is no secret the things that [Alberto João Jardim] has done. It is the highest commendation that the State of Rio de Janeiro offers to people who have “contributed to the development of country and humanity”. Well done Unc. Bertie, anyone who can follow in Hugo’s tracks is indeed a worthy candidate!

Last night’s football game between Nacional v Paços de Ferreira, in the Portugal Cup semi finals, ended up a disaster for our lads, losing 2 – 3 after Paços were awarded two penalties. I didn’t see the match, just the goals and the penalty decisions, but I am going to bite my tongue, but no doubt today’s newspaper will have something to say on the matter.


Whilst in Porto yesterday, I went into a bar for lunch. Can you believe that for €5 I had a lovely bowl of soup, a fish main course with rice, potatoes and salad, a pudding (which I declined as I was too full up), a large orange juice and a coffee at the end. I am not complaining, especially as I wasn’t the one paying, but how can anyone make profit on that?



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  3. Hi Annie. We moved here nearly five years ago with our two dogs and three cats from Anglesey, North Wales. We arranged flights with Thomson – who were superb – from Manchester Airport. You need to enquire with the individual airlines. Good luck.


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