PS – 'a shot in the foot', Stab victim 'worrying', Police under scrutiny, … etc.

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Sarah … Rock pools at Porto Moniz

Front Page News : source : Diário de Notícias 14/3/2009

The main story of the day is about the self destruction in the socialist party, where the ex-general secretary, sacked a few weeks ago by the party leader, goes on the attack. In an interview with the Diário, he accuses the party leader of sacrificing party unity for personal objectives, and taking the party apart in the process. Uncle Bertie must be rubbing his hands with glee, as his nearest (but already distant) rivals sign their own death-certificate with 3 elections looming.

As reported yesterday, the woman who was stabbed 5 times in Caniço is now reported as being held in intensive care, with no prospects for her condition being released, other than to say it is ‘worrying’. The police have arrested a 25 year old man, her husband, for the stabbing, but the story gets even more horrifying as it is revealed that the attack took place in front of a five year old, who is the child of the couple. There is also another story about a young man throwing a ‘Molotov cocktail’ at the residence of his ex-girlfriend.

A controversial project in Ribeira Funda (over the west side), on the road that connects Calheta with Jardim do Mar, is using two machines to rip away large amounts of a rock face, which is not good for the landscape, or the river, as it gets filled with earth and rocks. The objective is to create and easy access route to Fajã, which is located further inland.

A fifteen million Euro prize pot in the Euromillions draw proved surprisingly popular, as people choose to ignore the fact that it was Friday the 13th.

In an initiative organised by Banif bank, a major football sponsor, players from Nacional and Marítimo went to a school in São Vicente to meet the children, give gifts, and sign autographs. They also tried to convey the message that the intense rivalry on the pitch did not exist off the field, and there was no maliciousness between the players of the two teams, who are due to play tomorrow night. After the last game when 8 yellow cards were dished out in a very hostile performance, I would think it would have been quite a tough job convincing anyone!

Other News :

The parish of Piquinho, in Machico, celebrates next weekend the festival of São José, a festival that rather unusually is organized by young people that live in the area. It begins at 8pm next Saturday, and amongst other events, there will be a firework display at midnight. Sunday will see a traditional procession, with various other activities and performances taking place later in the day. It is unusual (if not prohibited) to wildly celebrate a saint’s day that falls within lent, so if you do go along, whether you will get poncha and espetada remains to be seen … and maybe that’s why they let the kids organise it?

Accusations made a week or so ago, about the nepotism, favouritism, threats, and abuse of power by the regional command of Madeira’s police are causing such concern that the national leader off the police trade union has come over to get involved. The particular concern is in the recruitment and appointment process. In a press conference, the union leader began by welcoming the new commander, hoping that he “will do a great job and see what is wrong”, and went on to talk about police officials who use their vehicles to take their kids to school and use for private business, the appointment of nephews and godchildren to cushy police jobs, the exemption of senior officers from alcohol tests (that patrol officers are not). He finished by saying that he intended to ask for the intervention of police internal affairs in investigating the complaints. This sounds like a really interesting story unfolding, and I will look out for more, but I suspect it may just die a death once ‘Internal Affairs’ are involved, as after all they will be senior officers too?

The bridge called ‘Engenho do Mel’ will be demolished and then replaced by another in the construction of the express road being built to Funchal port. The project is due to be completed by end of the summer.

The large boat that arrived yesterday in Funchal bay, called the ‘Wave Sentinel’, is a here to repair or replace a section of the telecommunications cable that runs under the sea between here and the Azores.


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    I am doing something different for tomorrow's blog, don't miss 'Der's Ramble' and a special interview with a PSD militant!

  3. Well i don't know why its listed this three times! Warm and sunny here in Funchal and earlier on the terrace it was 27.8C!

    Can anyone help, I have a bottlebrush tree, I have taking some cuttings and the are in a small amount of earth -as i want to take them back to England, but where do you take the seeds from is it where the brush flower was? Thanks


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