Election dates soon, The last auctioneer in trouble, TMN SMS scam, & other snippets

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Tobi … taken for the trapalhão carnival parade on Tuesday. Men or ladies? a careful inspection should give you enough evidence to decide.

Front Page News : source : Diário de Notícias 28/2/2009

We should know the 3 election dates for 2009 soon, as I for one have not heard any yet. Apparently President Jardim now has all the dates in from the 11 câmaras (councils), for the completion of works and projects in 2009. The election dates will be decided ensuring maximum publicity and exposure from the resulting inaugurations. Silly or what! As if the PSD-M (social democrat party) needs more exposure, and as if it would make any difference to the voting outcomes. However there will be one positive aspect, in that the câmaras and government projects will not be allowed to miss completion dates, reducing disruption. It is quite likely though that some works will be ‘dragged out’ to ensure the optimum inauguration date. Once I know the dates, I will be booking my annual holidays to be as far away as possible on the key dates. 

The 17th century Forte do Lazareto, or Forte dos Louros in Funchal has some sort of private development or dwelling construction going on alongside it. The work is illegal, has no permit, and was ordered to be stopped two weeks ago by Funchal Council. However the work has continued, and the perpetrator is likely to be charged with a crime of disobedience or contempt. The fort is a historic monument, built during the 17th and 18th centuries to protect against pirates.

Main headline : “More than 362 thousand euros of public money thrown to the ‘sea.”  – The regional government paid a consortium of civil construction companies for the building of a pavilion / sports centre in the parish of Estreito do Câmara de Lobos, but cancelled and moved the project to another location. Elimar S.A./Primos S.A./Concreto Plano, Lda. were the lucky consortium who bagged the €362k in compensation, after expropriation of land procedures hit legal problems, and the regional government decided to withdraw from the €4 million plus contract. Plans to build the facility in the new location could also run into legal problems with the expropriation of the land, especially as there are legal time limits to be met. A drop in the ocean compared to the €17 million in late payment charges reported yesterday!

There used to be several auctioneers in Funchal, but they disappeared in the second half of the last century, all except one that is. But the ‘Agência Chagas’ is now facing problems due to the downturn in the economy, and closure is a possibility. The low demand has brought into the warehouses of the auctioneer thousands of items, coming mainly from old collections of private houses of Madeirans, from many prestigious families, and British people who lived on the island. Plenty of people attend the auctions, but many just watch, with no money to spend. I went to one of the viewings a few years ago, and I was amazed to see such wonderful items of good quality. It will be a shame if it goes under, because I can’t think of any other easy way to buy and sell special items without going away from Madeira.

Other News :

If you have a TMN mobile phone, beware of an SMS message that offers to double up on any credit you put on your phone. It is a scam, and the police are aware of the matter. The message starts ‘TMN a DOBRAR – Carregue …. “

We seem to have gained a new Portuguese TV channel this week, TVI24. Brought to us by those good people at TVI (channel 4), this is in my view a much needed channel, with quite a bit of sport and news, and should be much better than it’s parent channel which is just one soap after another at night.

Nacional 3 – 1 Académica. A splendid win for our lads that takes them up to 4th in the table. Nacional’s Nenê, the best scorer in the Portuguese league, delivered again.


Tobi dropped me a line to say :

“I have just had the new Zon Box installed (ex CaboTV), they come to the house to do it, and show you how it works and you can have the menu in English. It really is worth the extra 5 euros a month, and it glides through the menu system at speed and also shows you the next 6-8 programmes that are coming up, very handy … Plus its a digital video recorder, so you can record what you like, and pause the programme your watching, and then start playing again when your ready.


Also all Net total customers can get 10 Euros off for a year, if they agree to keep the internet for another year, its not much but better than nothing, and I was also talked into have the fixed landline, they say its free, and you can call any landline in Madeira, Mainland and the Açores for free, and if you don’t use it for anything else it wont cost you a penny.”

Thanks for the tip Tobi. I did think about it, and it does sound quite attractive, but they give me the phone and all Portugal landline calls free anyway. When I get around to it I might give the Meo people a call, as it seems quite a bit cheaper for the package of 3 services, but I am worried I might end up with nothing for days or weeks during the changeover. Another thing is I am also tied in with Zon until September, otherwise I will end up paying for the free phone for the 12 months I agreed to.


I think February was the first month I can remember that the number of blog visits remained steady. If February wasn’t such a short month, it would have continued the upward trend . There were almost nine thousand visits. Thanks as always for the great support!  


Aside from your valued blog responses (you can reply direct using the form at the bottom of each blog comments page), please send any unreported Madeira news, topical photos, events information, or snippets for the madeira4u blog to blog@madeira4u.com – anyone can join in! Thank you!

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  1. Can anyone give advice please. I live in an apartment and have a noisy neighbour. When one leaves in an apartment of course you expect noise to a certain level. I have reported the noise last month to the landlord who spoke to them and they said they make no noise! The problem is the music, its loud and comes on around 2 am and is blaring until around 5 am it is not every night/morning. At 3 am this morning I went to speak to the neighbour, who was very rude and told me that she is permanent here and can do what she likes and all foreigners should go home amongst other things . She then started yelling at me in Portuguese….great as no idea what she was yelling!!! Then she starts stamping around (high heel boots great on wood floors just think of the damage!!, throwing coins on the floor etc). Any suggestions on how I can deal, besides moving out? My contract for the apartment runs from Sept 08 to July 09, but I think after 6 months (end of March) I can move with no penalty. thanks


  2. Many thanks again to Der for letting me list what I have for sale. This is an updated list (or if easier for you to read I can email you one, please email me at english-teacher@hotmail.co.uk
    Reading books 1.00 each
    Brand new wooden Salt & pepper pots 3.00
    Large oval plate 3.00
    3 duvet (double sized) (available for collection on 14th March) 5.00 each
    Blue towels (bath and hand). Used for 20 days when I had a visitor staying 3.00
    Baking tin with lid 1.00
    Electric sandwich toaster 3.00
    Large glass vase X 2 3.00 each
    Kitchen sales 5.00
    Handheld vacuum cleaner with rechargeable base 8.00
    Worten Electric mixer with bowl 10.00
    Double duvet cover with 2 pillowcases (used for one week when guest stayed) x 2 sets 15.00 each set
    Double flat sheet (used for one week when guest stayed) x 2 5.00 each
    Beside lamp blue shade with bulb 3.00
    Black evening bag with flower decoration 3.00
    Plants sticks/ties 1.00
    Kitchen set, teatowel, oven glove and square mat – unwanted gift – brand new 3.00
    Canister of 3 different teas 5.00
    240 Tetley Teabags 5.00
    Mini Philips radio 3.00
    4 Wedge pillows – available for collection on 14th March 3.00 each
    4 Soft pillows – available for collection on 14th March 2.00 each
    Clock radio (purchased November 2007) 5.00
    Hand crafted cards 1.00 each
    Wordsearch book 1.00
    Crosswords book 1.00
    Hardback note books 1.00 each
    Marmite (unopened) 2.00
    Handbag hook – unwanted gift 2.00
    Coke cool bag – new – not used 2.00

    Halogen heater (400 to 1200 watt, 3 settings) 5.00
    6 Dinner plates, 6 tea plates, 6 soup/cereal bowls, large bowl ideal for salad or pasta & 4 mugs (the mugs were purchased separately but are the same design) ,they cost 50.00 will accept 15.00 or near offer – available for collection on 14th March 15.00
    2 beige/blue cushions (purchased October 2008) 2.00
    Indoor aerial Phillips (paid 25.00 in Nov 08)
    6 wine glasses 3.00
    Glass fruit bowl with 4 matching dishes 4.00
    electric kettle – available for collection on 14th March 3.00
    Epson scanner/printer/copier for sale. Purchased about October 08, paid around Euro 70. Looking for around Euro 30 or near offer. 30.00

    Collection of flower pots: 2 are about 17" wide, 4 are about 15" wide. These are all plastic and have a saucer. There are 11 x 10" flower pots 2 are terracotta with plastic saucers and the others are plastic Then there are some starter flower pots. Available for collection now. Some have plants in, if you want with what is in them then that is fine, if not I can empty them. The plants in them are courgettes, beans and tomatoes of various sizes.
    Cookworks juicer – had as a Christmas present in 2008. looking for 20.00 or near offer 20.00

    If you wish to view please email me at English-Teacher@hotmail.co.uk and we can arrange a mutually convenient appointment time


  3. It is illegal (I believe ) to play loud music after 10pm in residential premises so all you have to do is call the poice who will get it stopped. I understand that if it continues, they can have their music player confiscated.

  4. Meo Info (Der +): Recently installed (free) with first month free also….home visit within days of request and ALL installation (via 'phone land line) done efficiently, cleanly and friendly. Engineers fully briefed us on use and our home computer used to activate/set up ALL services immediately – all worked perfectly. Better sound and picture quality than our previous CABO/ZON (sorry Tobi) and (for us) improved programme choice. Excellent on screen display/guide/demo etc complete with instant or programmed record/pause facility. Internet "on" 24 hrs (no re-dial access each computer "re boot") with incredibly quick down load speed – in excess of previous SAPO. Also came with a free remote router allowing laptop access also. Telephone works a treat also! Overall costs (for previous x3 services) is reduced by approx 15 to 20 euro depending on package choice – highly recommended and again, INSTANT activation.
    Glad of something to watch/do in all the rain…

  5. Don't know if they would be interested in any of the card suppplies I have. I have blank cards with envelope for 15c each, mainly they are white, but there is a pack of 50 in cream. Size are 6" x 4" (standard size).

    Also I have quilling paper for sale and quilling tools (plastic) if anyone wants to purchase.

    Also peels offs, parabens, etc

    Anyone do parchment work or want to learn then I have parchment books for sale – I am moving back to England soon and are looking to sell off a lot of things. Interested in viewing anything please email me at english-teacher@hotmail.co.uk to arrange a mutually convenient time thanks Sarah (note to Der – thanks again for letting me list).

  6. Thanks Jon, you have confirmed what I was expecting. As I say, I have to stay with Zon until September, but it is reassuring to know that it can all be set up quite quickly, though I don't have a PT telephone line installed at present.

  7. Ok DER
    Ref. the Carnaval Pic.
    You asked for this one.
    I can see lots of men 'n' ladies, even children!

    As for the two in the front, Wellll, Lets see now. Hmmmmm

  8. Hi has anyone stayed at the Quinta Splendida and if so what was your experience? Without a car is it a good place to stay…I want to get away for a few nights around my birthday but no access to a car – is there anything around the hotel or is hotel in the middle of no where?

  9. The gardens are the only beautiful thing about it. Loved by the Germans but the rooms are outdated and the spa is the biggest and ugliest I have ever seen. Save your money and don't go!

  10. The spa at Reids is lovely. You can use it as a visitor if they are not busy. As a hotel I prefer Quinta Velha in the Palheiro estate. Others have recommended the Choupana Hills but that is really pricey.


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