Two 11 storey eyesores, More corruption to investigate, Portuguese lessons, & other snippets

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to  … Eiryl. The Santa Maria if my memory serves me.

Front Page News : source : Diário de Notícias 7/2/2009

I am just about past the point of caring now, but the main story of the day was about the confirmed erection of two 11 story buildings on Rua 5 de Outubro, which I think is in the zone of Santa Luzia. The project has been on and off for 5 years, with work started long ago, but the plans never finalised. Even a change of ownership has taken place. Many residents are none too happy, feeling that it is yet another eyesore in the concrete city.

The big corruption ‘in public life’ story, that has been under investigation for over one year, after a dossier was compiled by the socialist party of Madeira, has had 3 more cases added to it by the party. Although news has been hard to come by, most of the cases are still under investigation, or awaiting judgement, although one high profile case has been completed. That was the case of corruption in Ponta do Sol where the president of the câmara, António Lobo, took payments to grant planning consent. The PS-M socialists fear that lack of news of progress on the outstanding cases is giving an impression to the public that nothing is being done.

The other stories were sports and entertainment, and a short report to say that the pollution and rubbish in Funchal bay had been cleaned up, as reported yesterday.

Other News :

The flood of potential bone marrow donors, in response to an appeal to help a 6 month old baby boy, continues to grow. Between last Tuesday and Friday 575 volunteers came forward.

‘Foreigners learn Portuguese in school in Estreita da Calheta’. – More than two dozen students residing in  Calheta, have since mid January been learning Portuguese in the Basic School in Estreita da Calheta. Students have come from countries like Germany, England, Austria, Holland, France and even the United States. “The classes aim to develop not only oral competency, but also writing, with particular focus on useful expressions for everyday life,” says the director of school. Arnaldo Fonseca stressed “the strong motivation shown by students is the most significant feature”. 

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4 thoughts on “Two 11 storey eyesores, More corruption to investigate, Portuguese lessons, & other snippets”

  1. I wonder how much more concrete jungle the island is going to have…soon it will run out of green spaces completely – then yet another spoilt island….

  2. It's just me and you then Beryl.

    We at least have the natural reserves, like Paul da Serra where no one can build. Well that is in theory, as we know from last week that Cristiano Ronaldo is likely to get permission to build on restricted land on Porto Santo. I suppose that is one advantage of living on a mountain range, that it is physically impossible to build on so much of the island.

  3. … and Jon then.

    Silly me, I always thought that Ponto de Sao Lourenco was a natural reserve …. and then along came Quinta da Lourde.

    Money, money, money……


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