New Moviflor store, PSI worst in 10 years, Jardim do Mar – safe haven, & other snippets

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Sarah … from her trip last week to the Boa Vista Orchid Garden

Front Page News : source : Diário de Notícias 8/2/2009

A new large furniture ‘store’ is to open in the Summer, creating 40 jobs. ‘Moviflor’ is costing €7 million to build. It will be behind ‘Madeira Shopping’ and will be on two floors occupying an area of 3,500 square metres, which will include 65 parking spaces. The commercial director says the objective is to offer a large range of quality products for the home, at excellent prices. The Moviflor Group is already represented in Funchal. The council (câmara) of Funchal took 2 years to approve the plans. I don’t even think they have started work yet, so the chances of having it open in the Summer seem pretty slim.

‘A peaceful haven – Jardim do Mar is an oasis and a home for foreigners’. It doesn’t even have a supermarket, and the latest novelty is a cashpoint machine (ATM / Multibanco), now saving a trip to Estreito da Calheta or Paul do Mar. “It is an oasis of security, on an island becoming increasingly violent, where the 250 inhabitants just complain of a life dominated by the sea”. Everybody knows everybody by name, and their life and family stories. There are Germans, Canadians, Americans, British, French, Norwegian and Danish all living amongst the locals in the parish where crime only happens on television, where drugs are not a problem, and unemployment is minimal. Some locals have tried their luck abroad, but normally to return. João tells of living in South Africa where he was robbed twenty times in 5 years, often with a gun to his head … he returned. Aside from the church, the most well known establishment there is ‘Joe’s Bar’ (if you can find it), whilst the other village ‘facilities’ are all located in Calheta. Jardim do Mar used to be the land of farmers and farming, but in more recent years tourism has crept in through the popularity of surfing. This looks like it may be the featured village of the week, we will see tomorrow!

Those workers who use the ‘green receipt’ system (are either self employed or work for a company but are not contracted employees), pay tax and social security payments like anyone else, but do not receive benefits when they are out of work. That amounts to some three thousand unemployed people that are not counted in the official figure of 9,302 unemployed on Madeira.

A boring political story and the usual sports headline complete the front page.

Other News :

CMF (Funchal Council) are in the process of completing sports facilities in Penteada, Santo Amaro, and Laranjal, but the plans do not stop there with €2.3 million set aside for more new facilites and improvements. In the pipeline are plans to provide solar powered hot water showers, and an ‘outdoor gym’ on the promenade. The facilities will be free for anyone to use. There are also plans to restore a football pitch in Nazaré, and put beach volleyball back at Cais do Carvão on the ‘Vagrant Beach’. Also plans are being considered to replace grass with synthetic surfaces in many sports facilities.

In a separate article, ‘What will change on the Avenida do Mar’ some detail is given on planned changes and improvements in phase two. A ‘viewpoint’ will be built between Ribeira de Santa Luzia and João Gomes, described as a place for contemplation. In the same area will be planted new palms and trees, and a new statue called ‘Blind *****’, a tribute to wives of the fishermen from the  district of Santa Maria. Also there will be a new covered bus park, renovated toilets, and improved wheelchair access. South of the cable car there will be a recreational area, with a covered area that can house exhibitions and fairs, with a shaded pergola area. Finally lighting will be upgraded in the garden areas, with floor lighting featuring in some places.

‘***** Cabra’ = Goat, whore, or bitch, or is also a name for blind man’s bluff, so please insert the one that makes more sense for you, ie. ‘Blind Goat’.

Over the last 30 years the cruise ship ‘Maxim Gorky’ has visited Madeira over 50 times, but will come no more. The ship is off to the scrap yard to be totally dismantled. The German ship was launched in 1969, weighs over 24,000 tons,  is 195 metres in length, and could accommodate 880 passengers.

“The numbers do not lie.” Porto Santo had the worst month of the last decade, in January. This was contributed to by the absence of the ferry ‘Lobo Marinho’ over 21 days, and with the end of the operation of the Italian tour operator. The movements amounted to 92 less travellers a day, compared to January last year. In fact 243 less tourists arrived at the airport during the month, representing a loss of around 2,000 hotel nights. The figures seem that small, any other resort you wouldn’t notice the difference that much, but it certainly does on Porto Santo.

Nacional had a splendid 4 – 0 away win at Naval yesterday, but Marítimo lost 2 – 1 away at Guimarães.

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  1. Yes, they still surf at Jardim. It's a beautiful place which I visit often. Joe's bar is easy to find – go right off the main square. My builder built that cash machine, by the way!

  2. We saw some similar to that off the coast of Pineda, Spain some years back and it was horrendous. A lot of people lost their lives,and we could hear sirens all day and night for almost a week. The beach was also swept away but that was the least of the problems!


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