Carnival – 21st February 2009, Funchal, Madeira, Carnival Parade Special

What a great surprise to wake up this morning and find my email account jam packed with carnival photos, over 60 so far and it’s only 11am!

I did prepare today’s blog, but how could I possibly pick one photo of the day from all those. So a decision was made between the blog editorial team and myself to focus today’s blog effort on showing all the photos (well, at least until the space runs out).

I have around 30 photos on as I write this, but will add more as the day progresses, so feel free to send in more, and keep checking back on the webpage, as I will add any new ones at the top until I run out of space at least.

And please don’t forget to send in your carnival thoughts and stories through the blog comments, as we couldn’t all be there to see the great spectacle.

All the photos and action is here!  :

6 thoughts on “Carnival – 21st February 2009, Funchal, Madeira, Carnival Parade Special”

  1. how could I forget … many thanks to Sarah for todays' photo. It was hard to choose from so many.

    I watched the parade on TV, and it was great, and although I didn't get the atmosphere that those present got, I did get to see everything from all different angles, several times in some cases.

  2. Thanks for showing this year's carnival photos and to those sending them in. On an overcast day inUK (albeit milder than recently) it's good to see the glitz and glam and feel a bit of the atmosphere. can't wait to be back out in 2 weeks time and hope the weather will have warmed up in Madeira by then too.

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