Storm damage, Market clear up, Illegal beach at Machico?, Event info, and other snippets.

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Eiryl … Some rather spectacular looking flowers that I don’t recall having seen before. (Come on Ulf, I bet you know what they are called)

I was a bit surprised to find there was a Xmas day edition of the Diário, on-line at least. My fault for looking I guess, but it was pretty ‘thin’ anyway. There was no edition yesterday though, so the blog will be back on schedule tomorrow.

Front Page News : source Diário de Notícias 25/12/2008

Intense rain and strong winds did some damage through to early on Xmas morning. Fallen trees, several car accidents, and even some flooding are all blamed on the weather. Strong winds have been causing landing problems at the airport, and Tuesday night several planes were unable to land immediately, and needed “several attempts” (a bit scary I bet!). Also, a river got blocked and flooded into several houses in Quinta Grande.

There was a serious injury at sea on Wednesday when the ship ‘Saga Ruby’ was being brought into port under very difficult sea conditions. One of the crew of the tug boat ‘Boqueirão’ was hit in the face by a towing cable, causing serious injuries that were being treated by a plastic surgeon. Also, while ashore, a very ill passenger from the ‘Saga Ruby’ had to be rushed to hospital by an air force helicopter.

The other lead article was about the nightlife entertainment going on over Xmas and yesterday, and I was surprised to see how many places were actually open on Christmas night.

Other News :

Apparently eating too much in one sitting at Christmas can make you ill, especially when there is alcohol involved. You learn something here every day!

The bin men in Funchal were rather pleased after the market night on Tuesday in Funchal, as there was much less rubbish to clear up than usual and the job was all finished by 9am on Wednesday. A council spokesman said that was not due to people being tidier than usual, but  was more to do with the heavy rain affecting the number of people attending. The emergency services weren’t so pleased however, as 14 people had to be treated that night for alcohol intoxication.

Proof that the Portuguese people have less money to spend this Xmas comes in the form of less cash withdrawals from ATMs (multibancos), to the tune of €18 million compared to the first three weeks of December 2007.


This is interesting. This website claims that the new sandy beach at Machico is illegal under international law.

The claim is from Western Sahara Resource Watch, who say that the Sahrawi people were not consulted in the sale of the sand to Madeira. Is the evidence strong enough that we should we boycott the beach in protest?

I bet they didn’t ask Tobi if they could use his photograph, and they certainly didn’t contact me about quoting the blog, not that I mind (in fact I am quite flattered).

The bad weather seemed to peak last night, and today a few patches of blue sky have appeared. There has been so much rain that most of the dry areas in the river bed of the ‘Ribeira Brava’ have been washed away, leaving the duck population of around 80, near to the sea, high and dry and without much to eat. If anyone has stale bread, grain, sweetcorn, or anything else suitable they can spare, I am sure them ducks would be eternally grateful.

Thanks to Sarah for this event information:

Sunday 28th December – São Silvestre Race – Round the city of Funchal, at 9 pm. I am assuming it is this :The Madeira Athletics Association will hold the 50th edition of Round the City. This event is considered to be one of the oldest contests of this kind in Portugal and Europe. As in previous years, this contest has brought to Madeira some of the most important athletes of the national and international panorama. The route is approximately 6,000 metres in length and in each race there is an increasingly greater number of registered participants.

No games this weekend for our local football teams.

Have a great weekend!

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8 thoughts on “Storm damage, Market clear up, Illegal beach at Machico?, Event info, and other snippets.”

  1. Hi Der, no they didnt ask if they could use ny photo , but like you im happy for them to.

    "Apparently eating too much in one sitting at Christmas can make you ill, especially when there is alcohol involved" I THINK YOU SHOULD HAVE LET US KNOW THIS CHRISTMAS EVE lol lol

    I was suprised to see so many places open over christmas as well, i just hope they made good money to make it worth it…

    The forcast for New Years Eve is dry at the moment, so lets hope it stays that way , last night was horrible…


  2. Im Not moaning Don, just feel sorry for the tourists over this year, as the Uk has better weather with lovely sunny days although cold.

    I love a bit of bad weather, just dont like walking the dog in it, Still waiting for the thunderstorms we are ment to be getting, but no sign yet…

  3. we had a massive thunder blast here last night, just one, and it was straight after the only lighting flash so it must have been close. It even gave the electrics in the house a blip.

  4. Well it's a shame that Western Sahara feels it has not been consulted about the sale of sand to Madeira.
    I think it unlikely the people of the Sahara will miss a few thousand tons of sand.
    They must be pleased to see the back of it!
    Have they looked over their shoulders?
    They could present Madeira with enough sand for a golden beach all around the island and every other island in the world for that matter and not notice any was missing from their country.
    Just say sorry Madeira contractor and ask for more!
    If I know African countries, the contractor didn't pay backhanders to the right person and it's a case of sour grapes.
    Happy New Year.

  5. It can't be that cold here, my neighbour is over here on holiday and is out on his balcony shirtless, as always.

    The use of African sand probably means that Calheta beach is in the same position.

  6. ….the sun came out to play this p.m. in Gaula and we are lucky to have a clear and calm evening also. Feeling sorry for visitors who had such wet weather – fingers crossed for New Years eve! The (non imported) pebbles on our beach seem here to stay and are currently covered in drift wood – must collect some for the fire! Thanks for all your Blog efforts over the last year Der and all the best for 2009.


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