Christmas blog 'free for all'

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Tobi … The statue of Cristo Rei at Garajau, with a few seasonal modifications.

Merry Christmas everyone, and many thanks to those of you that have emailed messages … very kind of you to take the trouble. That’s it for todays blog … now lets see who comes along with messages during the day, and feel free to chip in as always!

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  1. Hi Der and to all your listeners, thought I would sign in once again to wish everyone in Spain a great time. Well my term has come to and end now, but I will retire knowing that I have brought peace to the world, and there are not many Americcen presidents who have that claim to fame. I have brought Baberera a huge chocolate egg this year, so I am off to give it to him now. Like they say, one in the hand is worth two in the Bush (get it!). Love to all xxxx
    –George W. Bush

  2. Dear Der I would like to wish you and all your "watchers" a merry christmas and happy new year. I would also like to thank you and all the contributors for an interesting, informative and lively blog site. Well done for all of your hard work. Much appreciated. Hope to be in Madeira again early in 2009 so keep up the good work. Best wishes
    –Allen G.

  3. Hi Der,just wanted to send you Season's Greetings and thank you for your great blog. We enjoy keeping up with all the Madeira News and are looking forward to coming back to our apartment in Canico on 26th December.Looking forward to all next years blog. Kind Regards
    –Mike & Pam

  4. Hi everyone, a very merry Christmas to you all, and apologies for not visiting Madeira again this year. Let me know when you are going to start putting chimneys on your houses and I will start coming over.
    –Santa C.

  5. Happy Christmas to everyone who loves Madeira and reads this blog. Thanks most especially to Der for his tremendous hard work and commitment in doing this blog each day. I really look forward to reading it each day. Not as good as actually being in Madeira but a good substitute. I am off to put the turkey in the oven and have worked out that this is the 25th year of turkey cooking! When our house in Madeira is finally built at least I can have an excuse not to cook one. It's a beautiful quiet and sunny day in London with blue skies. It won't last! Merry Xmas to all and let's hope that next year brings better financial news for everyone.

  6. Greetings Der,as one knows this year has been a terrible time for nearly all of my subjects in the UK due to the credit crunch,therefore to be in touch with everybody cut backs in the royal household will be made,there will be no turkey,pheasant,partridge etc,Philip has informed me that this year he will be supplying me with tongue and insists i will enjoy it immensely.
    Merry Christmas one and all.

    Liz. E.R.

  7. Mery Christmas Der and thank you for a most entertainíng blog. We are looking forward to january when we will come to Madeira, At the moment we have a warm and sunny day, only -2.5 C. Perhaps someone would like to do some sightseen i Funchal after the 26th of january. We could use someone who knows the places and the people. Greetings to all readera from the Åland Islands.
    –Ulf E

  8. Hi to Carlos and all the blog readers. I haven't kept up with the blog this year as much as I would have liked, as I just have so many jollies and inaugurations to do, it is quite
    tiring really. Hope you all liked my crowning acheivement this year … now I can smoke in any hotel I like, and I managed to wind up that bloke Socrates a treat. Top of the agenda in 2009 is to get rid of all the bloody foreigners
    on Madeira, including that idiot Der, who just doesn't understand how politics work like I and you do Carlos. Anyway, must go as I can't spend all day wondering around in my underpants as my dignatories have already arrived. This year my star guest is Sr. Pestana who always gives me a
    great Xmas present, and at easter, birthdays, Tuesdays, and fathers day.
    –President Bertie

  9. cheers Der keep it going,great blog.
    Merry Christmas to you & yours and everyone who reads this .
    F.A.O. Mike ,if you want to meet up for a drink or 2 ,we are in Canico as well.

  10. thanks everyone. Nice of Liz ER to check in, but I didn't expect such intimate information! (just in case anyone thought that was me)

    For anyone not on Madeira and feeling sad for that, I can tell you that it is cold, dark, windy, and pouring down with rain as I type this, so maybe for once the grass is greener on the other side.

  11. Hi to all the blog readers in Madeira. My boss Alex has given me the day off today, so I thought I would catch up with Madeira and all the people I have forgotten since I became stinking rich. I am looking forward to 2009 when I will win absolutely everything again, in fact I was thinking of playing rugby in my spare time to win everything in that sport as well, but someone told me that that is the game that real men play, so perhaps not. In fact the only thing I can't seem to win is the title of the biggest diver in football, as that guy Drogba keeps pipping me at the post. Anyway must go as I have millions of presents to unwrap.

    –Crissy Ronaldo CR7

  12. Hi all , a very merry Christmas, thanks Der for a Great Blog, i hope you are all having a lovely day.

    Liz, im thinking of you as you tuck into yr tongue, as we had some of that last year, ive got my Turkey and Lamb this year, but you enjoy yr tongue, when im next in London i'll try to pop in.

    Sunny and dry in Canico at the moment, not had much rain, but had plenty last night.

    Enjoy your day…..

  13. Boas festas pessoal. Hope I have kept you entertained in parliament this year, with my swastika, my megaphone, my giant timepiece, and that black suitcase that I never opened and everyone thought was a bomb, and well my suspension … what a crack eh! What with election year coming up I have lots more in store, including a radioactive carrot and a blow up life size AJJ doll. Enjoy your day.
    –José Coelho (aka &#39;Rabbit&#39;).


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