Water shortage for crops, 35,000 hotel beds in 2009, Redundant watchtowers, etc.

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Vic … a beach shot, I am guessing from somewhere over Caniço way?

Front Page News : source : Diário de Notícias 28/8/2008

One of the opposition parties has accused the government of not doing anything to deal with the water shortage that is badly affecting farmers. Some farmers complain that they have not had any levada water for over a month. One farmer in Câmara de Lobos claims his bananas went 92 days between watering, and his banana plants are already dried up. Bad news for us consumers I fear, a crop shortage will put prices up for sure. I am not quite sure I believe that farmers aren’t resourceful enough to find water for themselves though, as to obtain levada water it is only a matter of diverting or removing a plug, exactly what the officials do when they turn up on the scheduled day, only you do it in the middle of the night. Failing that there is tap water, but that is somewhat more expensive of course. I am not making a suggestion here, just an observation.

Mariza performed in São Vicente Wednesday night and gave a concert judged as first rate. Even though it rained people stayed and watched throughout.

By next year Madeira will have around 35,000 hotel beds available, but although the profits are good, it is necessary to sell more accommodation. Of the 55 units classified as hotels, 10 are 5 star rated and have nearly 5,500 beds available. Around a third are 4 star, and have over 8,000 beds available. One businessman in the tourism sector believes it is time that normal room prices were raised above the €100 a night threshold, which is already in place in Reids, The Savoy, The Cliff Bay and several others.

The ruins of the old hotel in Camacha, just 200 metres from the church are home to 10 hard drug addicts who go there to satisfy their addictions. In just one day the police collected 50 syringes there. Residents complain that when they call the police nothing happens.

Madeira’s six watchtowers up in the high zones, built to detect smoke from forest fires are effectively redundant, according to the Regional Director for Forestry. Once considered an important element in environmental protection, the towers now just serve as elevated points in which to house radio communications antennae, and on occasions to watch for illegal nighttime hunting. The need for fire detection has now been superseded by more regular patrols across a wider territory.

Other news :

More occasions of the use of forged bank notes are reported, with a false €50 used in Pingo Doce and a false €100 used in Modelo. Both forgeries were spotted after the shopper(s) had left the premises.

The regional government is making full use of its new powers in the control of fuel prices since it ended the free market on 1st August, with two price falls. An announcement was expected yesterday that the price of diesel would drop a further 4.8 cents and petrol 3.1 cents.

The new Easyjet route between Madeira and Lisbon starting on 27th October has already sold over 8,600 tickets, exceeding the company’s expectations and allowing them to forecast an occupancy rate of over 80%. I suppose we just wait now for the Portuguese Airline TAP to give us the usual BS and tell us that their sales have gone up also.

Still on the subject of Easyjet, they have a sale on until midnight on Tuesday. ALL flights taken between 1st October and 17th December have a 20% discount. Beware on the Madeira to Lisbon route though if you are a resident on Madeira, as the sale price takes you below the €30 rebate level, and I believe you will be unable to claim anything back.

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  1. Shame on me! How could I fail to mention that Cristiano Ronaldo of Madeira won the best player trophy of the year last night. Chosen from the 20 best players from teams in the champions league (of which 17 played for English teams), he got through to the final 4, of which the other 3 were Chelsea players. So there you go, Chelsea can have three times as many players in competition, and they still can't get past CR.

  2. Hi Der trying to bait me huh,as usual for Man utd the rules get changed,to get fally over bloke into the line up hes all of a sudden promoted to a Striker,just checked his status at Man Utd apparently hes still a midfielder.
    Having said all that,he was the best player by far in the premiership.
    Talk more on this topic over a few beers maybe this weekend.
    Take care.Ginga.

  3. Hi Ginga, I need to do this periodically to get you out of hiding. "fally over bloke" … careful there matey, this is the national hero you are talking about.

  4. Hi Der,

    Don't blame the farmer for not being resourceful – as a group they are the most people I know. It is not a matter of pulling the plug in the middle of the night, as the water has to be running for that to do any good. In our area the water is only running 18-19 days apart, whereas in the best of times it runs 2 times/week. And we are not talking of garden size plots that you can just take the house hose to. Cheers Ellen

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