The Rabbit strikes again, Stadium name, Motorbike accidents, Hotter, hotter, hotter …

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Vic … A cruise ship passes on its way to Funchal

Front Page News : source : Diário de Notícias 14/8/2008

The politician known as ‘Rabbit’ (José Manuel Coelho) of the ‘Party of New Democrats’ who stirred up things with accusations of government corruption a few days ago is on the warpath again. This time he is going direct for the top man, asking how President Jardim got the €140,000 to buy a house that belonged to mother and father Jardim. Apparently President Jardim is intending to make the house into a museum in memory of himself. Of course the underlying question is did Jardim obtain funding illegally or unethically, with the companies of Sousa Group and Pestana Group being accused of making the payments. Good on this man I say … his political career may be pretty much over, but it’s about time someone stood up and challenged the PSD and government fat cats. Of course the questions will not be answered, truthfully at least, but maybe the repercussions will put some sort of stranglehold on politicians behaviour.

The illegal extraction of stone in Ribeira do Faial (Santana) continues despite the threats and bad publicity of the last few weeks. The council of Santana have appealed to the Police, GNR, the Forest Ranger and Regional Directorate of the Environment to take action, but so far nothing has happened, not even a vehicle inspection, despite the transportation of illegally obtained ‘goods’.

Marítimo football club intended to rename their remodeled stadium ‘Arena do Marítimo’ , but President Jardim from his holiday home on Porto Santo has said no, telling the club to retain the name ‘Barreiros’, or to use the club name. OK, so having given the stadium (a public asset) to the football club and pulled the monetary strings at the club for many years, he clearly is not going to give his favourite football club licence to operate independently. How can you operate a real football league with government intervention and interference.

It’s beginning to sound like ‘have a pop at Jardim’ week in the media, but when the cat is away the mice will play.

Commissioner Adelino Pimento, of the Division of Traffic of the Regional Command of the Public Security Police, says that speeding, inexperience, and ‘improper driving’ are the chief causes of the accidents that occur on Madeira involving motorcyclists. He accuses some of driving at speeds in the order of 200kph. Last year there were 252 accidents involving motorbikes, whilst this year, up until the end of July, 171 had already been registered.

Other News :

In the weekly ‘Via Rapida’ incident report (Ribeira Brava to Caniçal), there were 86 breakdowns, 38 cars abandoned, 8 accidents with no serious injuries, 24 illegal pedestrians, and 9 animals removed. Add to that 36 object of ‘risky dimension’, and someone had a busy week. I am fascinated by this abandoned cars figure, being that they are presumably not included in the 86 breakdowns … do people just stop and walk off leaving their car parked whilst they hop over a fence to have lunch with Auntie Manuela … can anyone shed any light on this fascinating topic?

The heat of the last days is down to the influence of an anticyclone, but the forecasts indicate the approach of another even hotter heatwave from Monday. July was actually cooler than usual, averaging 27.7ºc (normal average 28.7ºc). I don’t know where on Madeira these temperatures are occurring, but I have 2 thermometers and both confirm daily temperatures between 25ºc and 27ºc for most of July (all years), and rarely any hotter.

Porto Moniz, Câmara de Lobos, Santana and Ribeira Brava câmaras (town councils) have all made a stand against political ‘advertising’ in the streets, by passing by-laws to prohibit the display of political propaganda on posters and billboards … unless the parties have the permission of the câmara involved, and only then in defined spaces. I thought that was great news when I started reading that … until the last bit. So reading between the lines, the PSD which are the controlling party in the câmaras will be able to authorise their own publicity, and refuse everyone elses … am I being cynical here, or can we really expect fairness in the matter?

Madeira was the only area of Portugal to show a rise in hotel occupancy during June this year, up 9.8% compared to June last year. The Algarve, Azores, and Lisbon all showed falls in occupancy.

The Department of the Health, following a price review, has decided not to increase the price of brand name medications in Madeiras pharmacies, and in fact in many cases they may come down. From next month pharmacies will have to sell in generic packaging, with the prices on the packet.

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  1. The "Aedes aegypti" have been at me in the night to, i always seem to get bitten.
    Gastronomic Festival starts tonight in Caniço de Baixo,and goes on till 24th Aug, also in Gaula theres a big festival over the weekend, and i think this is a none stop festival.

    I really dont want it to get any hotter, im going to start my rain dance, just a few days of rain will do us all some good, sorry if any English Tourists are reading this, as i know you wont want the rain.

  2. I hadn't got bitten for around a year … until this week when I got one right on top of my head. If anyone gets a bad reaction to a mossie bite, I got some great stuff from the local chemist called Betadine, in a yellow plastic bottle with a black top. If you get put a drop on the bite as soon as you notice it pretty much stops any further development, and if you put it on after it has gone yucky it dries it out a treat.

  3. I may be a little simple, but isn't Maritimo's suggestion to rename their stadium 'Arena do Maritimo' doint exactly what AJJ asked? that is their name, isn't it? Perhaps what he meant was, he wanted them to use HIS name. That would be more understandable!

  4. he doesn't like the word 'arena' Andrew … we were having a good old laugh at this last night in a bar, the AJJ must be a control freak and now Marítimo have they own ground maybe AJJ will be like a millstone around the neck of the club.

  5. I have Saturday's blog ready to post, but some problems at the other end are stopping me posting. Will keep trying (it's not yet another blog holiday, promise)

  6. Starting at around 10.10pm tonight the earth will commence a pass between the sun and the moon creating a partial eclipse, which will be finishing at around 1am in the morning. Thought that was one that couldn't wait until tommorow.


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