Meteor shower, Public v private, Stolen pets?, and other snippets.

TODAY’S Picture : Thanks to the generosity of the Diário, although I haven’t actually asked them yet. ‘Rain of meteors of the Perseidas’ – see story below.

Front Page News : source : Diário de Notícias 12/8/2008

One more road death in a black year for Madeira. A 32 year old male motorcyclist came off his bike at a road bend in Camacha at around 5pm on Monday afternoon and died on the way to hospital. At least 2 other people have died due to accidents at the same spot. On top of that, near to the church in Água de Pena, a 78 year old lady was ran over and died on Saturday afternoon.

A well known and loved local artist and poet, António Aragão, has died at the age of 87. He had exhibited internationally, including London and Barcelona.

A new 80 bed private hospital is being built, giving rise to concerns that it will take on staff currently in public service and leave staff shortages in public hospitals.

Other News :

A regular phenomenon of Madeira’s Summer is the ‘Rain of meteors of the Perseidas’, or better known locally as the ‘Rain of Stars’. Pieces of rock from the comet ‘Swift-Tuttle’, which crosses the orbit of earth,  enter the atmosphere and burn up. Some pieces are as small as grains of sand, but they light up in the sky on the approximately the same day on Madeira every year, being last night for this year. See diagram above. I totally forgot, did anyone else manage to see anything?

The Mercado (market) of Câmara de Lobos is to be transformed into a new modern market centre, larger than the existing design and with two floors. Plans to increase the number of car parking spaces have been rejected though.

A drug addict who resides in Garajau is suspected to be responsible for the theft of some domestic animals. The police in Santa Cruz have already received several complaints. So far dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits have disappeared in the vicinity. The latest victim who lost her grey moggy (adopted from SPAD) thinks the junkie steals to sell to feed his habit. As SPAD (Society for the Protection of Domestic Animals) has numerous cats and dogs ready for adoption, I can’t imagine there is much of a market for selling peoples secondhand pets.

Following yesterday’s blog story about the PND politician known as Rabbit, with his accusations of corruption against the government, the company mentioned as making the backhanders is to take Rabbit to court (‘Group Sousa’). I wonder if the judges will be accused of being on the payroll too?

And finally, moving to the economy section … Sand dredging taking place in the port of Porto Santo has already retrieved 5,000 m3 (300 truck loads) to recharge the island’s famous golden beach. Handy … just in time for President Jardim’s vacation there in his beach front holiday home, probably out building sandcastles as I type.

Before you go, please check out Sheila Toney’s excellent new article ‘NATURE DOES NOT ALWAYS KNOW BEST’ on the subject of animal welfare on Madeira.

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  1. Hi Der, someone I work with said that she saw what she first thought was a very bright firework and then realised that as it was coming down rather than going up it was more likely to be a shooting star when she went out to water her garden in Santa Luzia at approx 10pm last night. It was from reading the blog yesterday that I was able to confirm that was quite definately a shooting star or meteorite thingy and she felt quite privilaged for her experience!


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