Government corruption?, Publicity pays, Football changes, Cruise ship debuts … etc.

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Will … some sort of blood sucking creature spotted by Will whilst diving off the south coast of Madeira

Front Page News : source : Diário de Notícias 11/8/2008

A politician known as ‘Rabbit’, the only elected member of the ‘New Democrats’ party has accused the government of taking money from the Sousa Group (property investment). In the same press conference he also denounced the state sponsoring and protecting monopolies. My dear Rabbit, where have you been the last 30+ years !

Monies spent on the promotion of Madeira along with the starting of low cost airlines have paid off handsomely. Every Euro spent has generated a return of €114 in income.  The 8 new routes (Dublin, Stansted, Bristol, Gatwick, Edinburgh, Copenhagen, Manchester and Paris) were responsible for the bringing of 86 thousand new tourists in the past 9 months, 53,000 of whom flew with Easyjet, who are the only recipients of financial support from within Madeira. Easyjet have already passed the target figure agreed to trigger the subsidy payment of between €8 and €9 per passenger.

Other stories are about the forming of a new political party MPT (Movement Party of the Earth) who claim they are looking for second place in politics here behind the PSD in the next few years. Madeira needs a new political party about as much as it needs more bananas, and anyway if the target is second place then it´s not worth having a party at all. What’s needed is an alliance boys.

Then another piece about the dirty beaches of Funchal … its seems they alternate between dirty and clean days.

Then an important story about football, and one of the biggest decisions in recent years to be taken tomorrow. Following restructuring of the Portuguese football leagues, there is a void for the lower league teams here who may end up forming their own competition ´Series Madeira´. Add to that complexity the government promise to withdraw funding from the lower leagues after next season, then you can start to imagine the problems for local football. I don’t know President Jardim’s exact formula for who can and can’t get funding in football in the future, but I would guess the first criteria would be the team’s name must start with the letter ‘M’,  secondly it must end with the letter ´O´, and thirdly, must have more than 7 letters … (which eliminates Machico).

Other News :

No talk of Christmas 2008 yet, but some stories appearing relating to the new year, and today it is the news about two cruise ship debuts. ‘Aidabella’ (Aida Cruises) and the ‘Balmoral’ (Fred Olsen) are scheduled to stop here for the new year turnover celebrations, bringing the total so far to 7 cruise ships, bringing nearly 11,000 people, many of which will never leave their ship. Already scheduled to visit are Albatros, Oriana, Van Gogh, Princess Danae, and Saga Ruby. Does anyone actually take an interest in the cruise ships … is there such a thing as a ‘cruise ship spotter’?

After recent reports linking Cristiano Ronaldo as an investor in the golf course hotel project on Porto Santo, it is reported that he has pulled out of any involvement  for reasons unknown.


Having ran out of bread at the weekend, I thought I would have a go at home-made bolo do caco (you know, that round flat bread that the street sellers sell). Using just a 1kg bag of flour with yeast (still 50% off in Modelo yesterday), a pinch of salt, and tap water, I managed to come up with a paste that would glue an elephant to a ceiling. It was at this point I realised that in future I should prepare the baking tins before I get my hands in the dough. Anyway, having lost about 20% of the dough due to my error, I left the mixture to sit for maybe 45 minutes, and put the baking tin on the electric hotplate on the lowest setting and left it to do it’s thing. I was amazed. The crust was like titanium, but once inside it was just like the real thing you buy on the streets.

If you receive anything from CNN in your email account don’t open it, just delete it. There is a massive spam attack going on with millions of these being send out daily. If you click the link to read the article your computer will download something you really don’t want.

Finally a message and request for help from Pauline : “Could you please tell me at what Police Station lost the lost property would be taken, as our sons’ wallet, credit card driving licence went missing 2 weeks ago in Porto Moniz do you think it could be the same group doing the rounds in Funchal. We will be back on the Island in 2 weeks time, Thanking you, Pauline. p.s. can’t wait to get back away from all the rain in England”. I don’t know Pauline, but in case no one else can advise, you could go into Funchal Police Station on your return, or phone them up beforehand (addresses and phone numbers on the main website) and ask. Good luck!

Aside from your valued blog responses (you can reply direct using the form at the bottom of each blog comments page), please send any unreported Madeira news, photos, events information, or snippets for the madeira4u blog to – anyone can join in! Thank you!

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  1. A bit of late news that won't keep until tomorrow, although I will give more detail. Tonight, clear skies allowing, and away from bright city lights, you might be able to witness a meteorite shower in the skies above. Madeira's Amateur Astronomy Society will be holding a session at Sítio dos Estanquinhos (Paul da Serra) between 10pm and 1am tonight. Anyone is welcome to turn up.

  2. I like to get photos of the cruise ships when they are in , and im sure there are serious cruise ship spotters, but i dont think i have got to that stage yet.

  3. Der , do you know if its possible to buy a stone to cook the bread on, like they do in the streets, someone must do them for the home , but i must say i have never seen one .



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