Garbage doesn't pay, Another political party?, New disco, SPAD, Lisbon trip?, etc.

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Pirex … The fishery at Ribeiro Frio

Re yesterday’s blog comments … as Don said it was probably a bad joke gone too far, and while I think it is fair game to express views about politicians and public figures as long as they have reasonable foundation, yesterday it went way too far. I would like to think that Madeirans can visit this blog as well as anyone else, and feel welcome and part of the ‘community’ here … any person of any nationality is welcome here, and respect is essential between us. Of course I have an option to remove such comments, but I have never yet done that, even though some of the comments made during the last year have been offensive to me and quite personal in nature. I don’t intend to take any editorial control over the comments where those comments reflect a personal view, and are not over offensive in the way they are expressed … that would include excessive bad language and personal accusations of a hurtful and unfounded nature. In a nutshell then, insulting the Madeiran people in that way was unacceptable, and I would hope that all other readers and contributors aside from that one anonymous individual will join me in saying that voting for a political party does not constitute stupidity, and that tarnishing a whole race of people in that way was very wrong. Der

Front Page News : source : Diário de Notícias 19/8/2008

Garbage management is bad business according to the Diário after an independent study was carried out. The cost of road transportation and shipping our recycling waste would make Funchal Câmara (council) alone a loss of €1.4 million. I am sure that the necessity for good politics and environmental policy make that bitter pill easier to swallow.

President Jardim in a speech on Porto Santo at the weekend said that Portugal needed to change, and a movement was needed to decentralise the government and its power. He has come up with that ‘movement’ in an idea for the creation of a new political party … the Social Federalist Party. If it goes ahead it will be formed after October 2009 as an opposition party to the PSD. So far nobody has made any comment about the idea, a point that AJJ swipes aside “Nobody is going to react to a thing that is not going to be done now, and is only to be done in the future …”. Well if I may be the first to comment … good plan Sir, Madeira desperately needs more political parties to add to the 6 or 7 already represented in the Regional Assembly that are absolutely toothless, its good for democracy but not good for decision making. Can someone please explain to me, without going into detail, the difference between an autonomous region and a federal state … it must be a pretty fine line.

The trouble with President Jardim is that he can’t see the wood for the trees (madeira in Portuguese = wood in English) … yes, it was a pun!

A new discotheque opens tonight in Funchal. ‘Kool’ is on 3 totally refurbished floors, has some new concepts, and stays open until 6 o’clock in the morning. I won’t be going, but if anyone fancies it, it is located at Rua do Favila nº 5 (close to the Pestana Carlton Hotel and Savoy Hotel). The first floor level music specialities will be salsa, Brazilian grooves, mashup, great music from the 80’s, and other themes. Youngsters go upstairs to have their brains rattled by more modern music. What’s mashup?

Other news :

SPAD (Society for the Protection of Domestic Animals) must be despairing as the total number of abandoned animals taken in so far this year (2,007) has almost already exceeded the number of cats and dogs taken in for whole of 2007 (2,381). Already this month (until the 17th) 162 animals have been taken in. You can probably put it down to the downtrodden economy and the holiday season to some extent, but after all the campaigns and effort they have made to educate people and help with neutering you have to feel so sorry for SPAD, as well as the animals. If you can help in any way (time or money) please go to Sheila’s page to find out how.

The youngster who died on Monday in a swimming pool in Câmara de Lobos, died of a heart attack … just 15 years old. 

The 8 year old boy who was stung many times by wasps on 1st August (see blog just after) has also died, and will be buried today.

The Portuguese watchdog ANACOM wants mobile phone companies to lower their rates to bring more equality between cross network and own network call costs. They quote the major players as charging 18.7 cents for own network calls since 2002, far lower than the cross network rate. Are people nuts … I pay 15 cents a minute to all networks, sometimes lower, and that’s on a pay as you go rate. I saw in Modelo (green pack on the checkouts) that they have a deal for 12 cents a minute, but there may well be some small print.


Paul and Carol in Gaula have pointed out to me that the Easyjet flights from Madeira to Lisbon are €32.99 each way right up until the 28th March, 2009. The prices were €24.99 until the last few days. Now price rises are bad bad things, but this is a good good thing  for those of us who have the green residency card, as when the price rises above €30 the residents travel rebate kicks in, which means travelling to Lisbon and back will cost you exactly €5.98, as long as you don’t cancel the hold luggage option … anyone able to confirm that is 100% correct? You pay for the trip up front, and claim back the €60 after your trip (instructions are on the website).

 I have never been to Lisbon, and never particularly fancied it, but at that price I am willing to give it a go for a short break. I am thinking about later this year or early in 2009 for 3 days say … anyone else up for it? You book everything yourself, you do your own thing once there, but with some coordination we could get a very good price on a hotel (say minimum 3*?) for a group booking. If anyone is interested please drop me an email telling me any dates to avoid (say October to March), and the minimum star rating you would accept for a hotel, and also how many nights you would want to stay. I think as long as ‘the group’ all checked in together the length of time we stay individually is not important, I reckon we could negotiate a very good madeira4u discount deal and maybe something for airport transfers too. Also if anyone can recommend a hotel, please let me know.

Aside from your valued blog responses (you can reply direct using the form at the bottom of each blog comments page), please send any unreported Madeira news, photos, events information, or snippets for the madeira4u blog to – anyone can join in! Thank you!

16 thoughts on “Garbage doesn't pay, Another political party?, New disco, SPAD, Lisbon trip?, etc.”

  1. Oh my. Sorry folks.

    Yesterdays rant seems to have caused quite a stir.

    I guess in the heat of the moment I just grouped together an idiot President with his supporters. A bit like Americans voting for Bush or the Brits voting for Blair! But that was unfair and I hold my hands up and apologise to you, the readers, and the people of Madeira.

    Something which Jardim will never do as he has made fools out of his own people for years and got away with it. But then again he dosen’t post comments here!

    I have read past blog comments as Der feverishly writes about Jardim’s regular stupid, carless and irresponsible attitude to the Madeiran people. He is a tyrant on our very own doorstep who must be stopped.

    The question is how can a man who has brought the island to it’s knees still be in power? Who on earth votes for this crazy old fool? He has destroyed the island. Ripped out it’s soul and left the people in a very poor state of affairs. Can the place get any worse I ask you?

    We must rid the island of this PSD disease. Myself and Der have started the ball rolling.

    So Der carry on with your excellent daily hammering of this clueless Jardim. But lets have more positive stuff from the other parties to build our case. If you could vote, Der, who would you vote for? Well we have plenty of choice. But is there a whiter than white party?

    And for the other blog readers we must act to save the island from further ruin and destitution. Don’t be afraid of Jardim and his cronies. It’s time to stand up and be counted!

  2. You seem to have a lot to say ANONYMOUS, but why post Anonymously, have you not the balls to put a name to your opinions…….??

    Hi Der,A MASHUP is a new word come about recently over the internet, which means a mix of 2 or more websites mashed into 1, an example, google maps mixed with Flikr. There are hundreds of these sites appearing on the net. So a mashup in the text you have used would be 2 different musics mixed in together i would assume.

    The beaches were really dirty yesterday and the sea was quite rough, couldnt find anywhere to swim. and i also think the beaches have been pretty bad this year, this is the first year i have seen so much crap and scum in the waters, whats going on???? if i was a tourist i would be disgusted.I also think litter is becoming a big problem , especially at view points, they just seem to become huge dumping grounds, and Garajãu is a good example, the money they have spent tidying that place up , it looks a total mess, things not finished , the cable car still not working, the second summer for this, it seems the govenment have far to much money to waste, and never get jobs finished.

  3. Thanks for the second comment please sign your work any pen name will do. If you keep to one name we can get used to your veiws
    You are entitled to your opinions, I don't agree with a lot of what you say. Yes Jardim may not be the sharpest tool in the box, but the island is changing and not all for the worst. New schools get built as do hospitals, tunnels are getting dug, yes we benefit but so do all the locals. Talking to a local friend the other day, he was so pleased that the new tunnels on the west of the island will cut 25 minuets off his commute to Funchal every day. Go to the local bars and talk to the teenagers and yes they want to work for more money in the UK, but they are getting a good education and so many have laptops at the Wi-fi zones. And they do have wi-fi (free) do you get that in UK? Take a breath!!

    The remainder of this I wrote last night for today but my internet went down. Who can I blame for that LOL
    Sorry, about my comments and the fact that they got quite heavy. It isn't that I agree or disagree about the quality of the politicians Madeira or UK, it is the stereotyping of a whole population. Just like all Germans must be Nazis, all French eat garlic, all Americans are fat and all Brits are larger louts. I will bet that most of the Brits who come here do so because they are NOT larger louts and would be very offended if they where to be treated as such. Come on folks lets all get on, have a laugh and joke but not at the expense of our host, or our dignity. Cheers
    Alan f
    Alan F

  4. OK, glad to see that's all smoothed over, and everyone is pally again. Who would I vote for if I could? : unfortunately the party with the most chance of overturning the massive PSD majorities … unfortunately it seems a waste of time to bring policies into the equation prior to voting.

    Ta Tobi on clearing up 'mashup', and Garajau beach gets a slating in todays paper for dirtiness.

    Thanks Ellen for the hotel link.

  5. I have posted this info which is an excerpt from tomorrows blog, otherwise it may be old news for some people by the time they read it.

    Funchal 500 celebrations are upon us, and the 500th birthday of the city will be marked tomorrow with a procession of around 700 participants. 'The Discovery and the colony', 'The Society of the Powers', 'The
    Discovery of Funchal by Europe,' The Revolt' and 'The Autonomy' will be the five themes of the history of the city portrayed in the procession. The spectacle will include dance and musical pieces in the procession, with songs of the XVI to the XX centuries. Also
    amongst other things there will be an air display, and classic car parade. The day's celebrations finish with a large fireworks display at 11.30pm (what else could it be!). The newspaper doesn't state a time for the
    procession … anyone know?

  6. All joking and sillyness aside Madeira really does need a strong opposition. We have all seen in the UK what happens when there is weak opposition. The Labour Party have ran riot thinking they can do whatever they want for years now. They thought of themselves as the ‘untouchables’. Now thankfully we have a credible alternative at long last with a real chance of getting in at the next election. Ten years is too long let alone thirty. Complacency sets in.

    This is what Madeira needs. One strong opposition with balls and a loud strong voice. (It’s a shame Der is not a natural!)Then we would see the real Jardim.

    It seems the people of Britain have woken up to this Labour shambles. Now it’s Madeira’s turn with the PSD.

  7. The historical procession is 9.00-11.00 tomorrow evening (Thursday). There are events running throughout the day, including an air force acrobatic display team, parachutists and processions of boats round the harbour. The for the real officionados, there is the procession of digitaries at about lunchtime. We'll all be there for that one, won't we? No?

  8. Alan F,
    Asks you to Sign your names please
    I know we all forget at times, but we are getting some Cr@p and some good stuff and I can't workout who is doing what, apart the Boss (Der) and Tobi (male or Female ?) got to ask Tobi I got told off for thinking Sam was male. I bet you are a babe (famous last words)
    Ps Der can you or do you set the code thing at the bottom. It's been a pig, or are you just trying to lock us troublemakers out lol

  9. thanks Andrew, the article gave the impression that it was afternoon, so glad you came forward.

    wrong again Alan, Tobi is male.

    I can't do anything with the code Alan, but you can bypass it if you are signed in, like you did the other day. Must admit it is getting worse though. Still there is a new version of blog forthcoming this year hopefully.

  10. I like the blue screen, so come here. Now that just sounds STUPID
    No lie this, the verification thing, code has gone, how did you do that Der? You pulling my chain?

  11. I thought it was slang for getting mothers to keep quiet Vic.

    Alan, you weren't logged in when you did that last posting, so I don't know why there was no verification code required. If you are logged your comment has a blue link where it says 'anonymous'.
    Where's Wil these days … I am running out of diving photos.

  12. Nelio had a jelly fish on his leg at Garajãu today, he knocked it off quite sharpish, but thats me finished for going in the sea this year, im not keen on the beaches here in any case, but thats put me right off.
    He was quite close to the shore as well, does anyone know if its normal for them to be close to the shore, and are there lots of jelly fish out there??

    I know there was an artical in the Sun about all the jelly fish turning up in the waters around the UK, and most of them give a good sting.

    If Wil turns up he may know more????


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