Football crowds, Tourist catches Blue Marlin, Ferry changes, Grape picking, & little else

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Pirex … Machico Beach (pre sand)

Front Page News : source : Diário de Notícias 23/8/2008

Very little of interest in yesterday’s paper, bit of ‘after the lord mayors show’  going on I think.

In what seem to be a space filler, the headline ‘Barreiros, 4 – Choupana, 1’, signifying the the football club Marítimo had an average of 5,700 spectators for each of it’s 15 home games last season, whereas Nacional averaged barely 1,500. You can see more such stats at this useful website . The new Portugal Football season got underway Friday night with Guimarães and Setúbal drawing one apiece. Both Nacional and Marítimo start their season this afternoon at 5pm, both away to fairly unexciting teams, and neither game is on TV. Is it just coincidence, or are the 5 televised games (out of 8 games this weekend) chosen to avoid Madeira’s teams?

The other headline stories are about the lack of places to stay in Seixal during the weekend festa, the commercialisation of authentic Madeiran entertainment to suit tourism, and the fact that there are 20 cases of alcohol induced comas on Porto Santo each month (well it does have 20,000 visitors there at the moment).

Other news :

Madeira section, nothing. Political section, nothing. Economy section, almost nothing except this:

A Russian tourist who has never been fishing before was pretty surprised when on a tourist boat trip ended up catching a 334kg Blue Marlin, about 600 metres off the coast from Funchal. Question 1 – You have to ask, if it was a routine tourist fishing trip, why was this guy using such a high gauge fishing line capable of holding 334kg?

And question 2, why does that article appear in the economy section?

But I kept a few snippets back just for such an occasion:

Naviera Armas, the company that owns the ferry that covers the route between the Canary Island, Madeira, and Portimão in Portugal, says that it is considering using a faster boat next year and doing the round trip twice weekly instead of the current weekly one. The possible candidate (ship) for the job is currently being built in the north of Spain, and as well as being faster, has more passenger capacity as well as around 600 beds. If it’s that much faster, then surely there is less need for a bed?

1st September is the official start date for the grape picking season (although as previously mentioned it has already started in some quarters). It is rumoured to be a ‘vintage year’, with 1100 farmers picking around 4,000 tons of red grapes.

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8 thoughts on “Football crowds, Tourist catches Blue Marlin, Ferry changes, Grape picking, & little else”

  1. nothing to do with Madeira, but I just turned on the TV for the closing ceremony of the Olympics to see Beckham strutting around on the top of the bus as part of the handover for 2012. You would think the Brits could have found a better ambassador for something so significant.

  2. thought the celebrations on thursday were a bit of a damp squib,parade was a bit dour & mournful not what i expected for a celebration.
    maybe it made more sense to the locals .

  3. Bizarrely, our nmeighbours were at the airport when the display team took off (and did a short display which seems to have been better than what they did over Funchal!). However, at that point, there were 3 aircraft. By the time they reached Funchal, there were only 2. Where did the other one go? Do you think that, as Portugal is 1/6 the size of GB, they think their display team should be proportionately reduced in comparison with the Red Arrows?

  4. following that logic perhaps the display is also one sixth of the duration and one sixth of the complexity and one sixth of the risk etc etc no wonder people were disappointed

  5. I work with a madeirenses lady that lives in Funchal said that although she didn't watch the parade she was nore than happy with the air show and other displays etc. When I mentioned that some people were disappointed that there were only 2 aircraft she responded with "we are only a small island so what do they expect?" she was also impressed that a scheduled TAP plane flew low over Funchal to show it's respect for the aniversario!


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