Blog Holiday

I am taking a blog holiday today, but back tomorrow all being well.

Chat amongst yourselves if you get bored. 

Have a good weekend. Der


9 thoughts on “Blog Holiday”

  1. Now, what am I supposed to do?
    I take a well earned holiday after day in, day out opening things to keep you in material to write about me and you take a day off!
    I think this is unconstitutional and will consider taking a trip to discuss this further in Lisboa. I hope this day off is not spent in bars getting drunk and finishing up with your photograph in the "Sun" and it's no good suggesting that I rename Ribiera Brava "The Benidorm of Madeira" 'cos that thought had already passed through my mind. Anyway, whilst I am puffing away on my cigar in Bar ????- Have a nice day!

  2. OK, So what are we all doing today? It's Jan (wife) 21 birthday LOL and I have asked her what she wants to do, I got the usual, "I don't know" Aghhh
    Anyone got any ideas?

  3. Due to the blog "vacance", Bert Garden, your great leader, will no doubt mention in his dispatches that his only source of sense is now most likely senseless.
    What will he do now? Form an alliance? Have a cigar? Retire? More Vihno? Oh Dear!

  4. Maybe hes won the lottery, it was a lucky day yesterday, well i didnt win bugger all and back in the office sorting more stupid problems. Day of rest tomorrow though……

  5. Anyone watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing! I for one thought it was absolutely spectacular. Can't see London being able to compete with them!

  6. i didnt see it , but the photos are amazing, and saw some clips on the news.

    On another subject, did you see harrods in London put their Christmas lights on, and the store all decced out with Christmas stuff, this is very SAD, not even two weeks into August, theyll be getting the easter eggs out soon……


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