Black lists for nightspots, Monte festa violence, Electricity profits up, & other snippets

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Pirex, her first contribution … Caniço church with a kiosk that sells foreign papers. “2nd visit on holiday to Madeira this year and over 2,000 photos each time”.            I shall know where to ask when I run out of photos then!

Front Page News : source : Diário de Notícias 16/8/2008

The Portuguese Government is preparing the way to control undesirables who cause problems in night spots, though the creation of ‘black lists’. Drunks, troublemakers, and general undesirables will be legally refused entry to bars, nightclubs and discos at the discretion of the management. Generally the move is welcomed by the bosses involved in Madeira’s nightlife.

A senior member of the church in Portugal made some comments about Madeira already having sufficient autonomy and not using it to it’s full advantage. President Jardim responded with the Portuguese equivalent of ‘he’s having a laugh’ and finished up saying “he is not Madeiran, and those who should give an opinion are the Madeirans”. OK so that also means  that my opinions about Madeira count for nothing … tell me something I didn’t already know!

The festa in Monte (Funchal)  took a wrong turn at around 3am on Saturday morning when two groups of people and some tourists got involved in a fight involving a knife. 6 people were taken to the emergency unit in Funchal hospital, some with serious stab wounds, though they seem to have all been released now (so maybe not quite so serious as they say).

Other news :

Francis Obiorah Obikwelu was one of Portugal’s best hopes for a medal in this Olympics, but he went out of the competition in the 100m men’s semi finals yesterday. He is actually Nigerian born, and allegedly has a Portuguese passport purely to boost Portugal’s sporting chances. Portugal, having won only two gold medals and just a handful of others in the last 5 Olympic competitions, sadly it already seems that the 2008 dream is going in the same direction.

The hot dry weather continues to keep the island’s firemen busy. Friday saw fires in Machico, Santa Cruz and Câmara de Lobos. One threatened the golf course at Santo da Serra. All were brought under control or extinguished.

Madeira airport is suffering a decrease in air traffic of a private nature. Executive jets, air taxis, and company aircraft traffic has fallen by 30% this year to date compared with the same period last year. No one has any explanation for the decrease.

Our electricity supplier Electricidade da Madeira saw the light in 2007 with sales growing 5.5% up to €145 million, with profits up to €4.5 million. They spent €44 million on fuel.

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  3. count me in as well Der.
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    however i could be wrong (as my OH frequently tells me)

  4. Der the employment laws for foreigners working in Madeira are available in English. I found them last week on the Portuguese government website which had a link for Madeira. I have printed them off for my own information and when I return to work next week (on holiday at the moment) I will send you the web address.

    President Jardim

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