Transport strike ends, New hotel in Calheta?, Sick schools, SPAD campaign, & other snippets

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Tobi … this was taken remotely using the webcam situated at Ribeira Brava … a rather nice dark sunset.


It seems like a day has disappeared from my life, because tucked away in the national pages of today’s Diário is the story that the striking truckers in Portugal  (over fuel prices) started to return to work Thursday morning. Nationally food and other supplies should be back to normal over the weekend. Apparently they stood down after some persuasive threats from the government, and the truckers don’t seem particularly happy with it. There is still limited industrial action in some places in Portugal. So far 52 law breakers have been identified, and 15 of these have already been put into the legal process.

Main News : source : Diário de Notícias 13/6/2008

Plans are being considered to build and open a new 5 star hotel complex in Calheta. The site will include the hotel, 70 villas and 70 other ‘dwellings’, and would be constructed in Fajã da Ovelha. The feel and theme of the project would be an innovative concept of tourism facing agriculture and the environment. It is too early to talk about costs and dates yet.

Compared to national averages, Madeira has a bigger problem with respiratory illnesses in its schools. The Directorate of Education with the University of Madeira is undertaking a project to identify the problems and ensure that the air breathed by the students is free from polluting agents. Tests so far have shown that only 22% of the schools tested here have readings above the national reference levels. These results may be due to old furniture, or mould growing on inside walls.

Other News :

SPAD is running a campaign to sterilize animals free of charge where they are ownerless, or the owner has insufficient finances to pay for the operation. Where necessary, SPAD will collect street animals, perform the operations, and return them to the street afterwards. Given the limited space that they have for keeping animals, a sensible long term objective to reduce the numbers on our streets. To run the campaign it needs funds, and has set up a separate bank account to do so. To make the campaign a success SPAD are calling for help from all the population, including businesses and Regional Government. Please help if you can by sending funds to the BES bank account set up for this :

NIB nº 0007000 000265988939 23 . Even if you don’t particularly like animals, you can help reduce the street problems and improve public health by contributing to this initiative.

The campaign that ran on Porto Santo Island last / this week has now finished, with 68 female dogs (hate that other word!) and 71 cats being sterilized free of charge. That takes the totals in Porto Santo to 263 and 270 respectively since 1999. Well done chaps!

The dry season has arrived again, and on Thursday there were two more forest fires to be dealt with. The Bombeiros of Funchal (firemen) had to put out two fires one of which was threatening homes in Galeão, São Roque and destroyed an area of 150 square meters.

Madeira and Porto Santo have been visited by 115 yachts in the last two months, up 20% on the previous year. Is that a reflection on the popularity of Madeira, or an increase in wealthy yacht owners who couldn’t care less about the rising price of boat fuel?

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