Rugby tournament, "The shameless one", QE2 farewell, Property tax surprise … etc.

TODAY’S PHOTO : Taken at yesterday’s European Golden Oldies Rugby competition … sorry about the poor picture, my camera wouldn’t work so I had to resort to the camera on the mobile phone … more below.

Front Page News : source : Diário de Notícias 20/6/2008

Nearly all the front page taken up with a photo of Cristiano Ronaldo on his knees and with his face in the grass after Thursday night’s defeat against Germany in the Euro 2008.

Other News :

President Jardim was due to meet one of his critics in court yesterday. Author and journalist, Baptista Bastos, wrote an article for a business journal with the title ‘fascist grotesque one’ which criticised the behaviour of Alberto João Jardim with regard to his conduct towards Chinese and Indians on Madeira. The article also said “The little man is what is : a shameless one, a shameless one of the worst sort.” I don’t know what Jardim did or said as it was back in 2005, but no doubt there will be more on the matter to follow.

The last ever visit of the Queen Elizabeth II stirred some emotions in Funchal on Thursday. The captain of the QE2 said “Since I was small always I dreamt of being commander of this ship, and I fulfilled my dream. It is very sad that this ship has finished it’s useful life. It is a special ship, in a special land and a special day”. At 6pm she set sail for Tenerife watched by many admirers and enthusiasts. After six million maritime miles and transporting 2.5 million passengers in 39 years, she will be converted into a hotel, conference center, and restaurants in Dubai. 

Porto Santo Line has put up its prices again for the journey on the ‘Lobo Marinho’. That’s the second time in two months that the fuel surcharge has been increased. The price of fuel for the ferry has risen from $20 to $80 a barrel since she came into service in 2003.


New property legislation that came into effect from 31st December 2003 is causing some unwanted tax bills to drop through owners letterboxes. If you brought a property or had it altered after this date then you may be affected (A ‘modelo 1’ form should have been submitted to report any necessary valuation / reevaluation). Once the valuation / reevaluation is complete, a backdated payment may be demanded, back to the date of purchase or alteration (2004 onwards). This will also pick up any underpayment in property purchase tax, where the purchase went through at a understated value at the request of the seller (a common but illegal way of tax avoidance in the old days). For the larger bills, Finanças will allow the payment to be made in installments. (p.s. this news came from mainland Portugal, but what hits there hits here eventually). I am probably going to get caught under this, as I was forced to declare a lower price than was actually paid … I didn’t like doing it, but at least once the shortfall is paid my capital gains tax liability should be reduced (perhaps?) if I ever sell up

Tonight is the third firework and music display in the Atlantic Festival, Funchal. France do the honours with love songs as the theme. Any photos gratefully received, thank you.

A couple of tourists said this week that they paid €4 each for a cup of coffee in the Savoy Hotel. In context, that means that most Madeirans would earn enough to buy 5 cups of coffee with a days wages. Anyone beat that?

If you fancy watching a bit of Rugby Union, pop along to the sports stadium at Ribeira Brava on Sunday (on the road to São Vicente, just before Modelo). It’s the ‘Golden Oldies’ playing in their bi-annual European competition, with 40 teams from all over Europe. Its free to get in. Must have been over a thousand people there. I can’t promise quality rugby, but it’s a nice way to spend a few hours. I think most of them are there for the beer, as the temporary outdoor bar area seems to be the busiest part of the stadium. If you go, look out for my white madeira4u t-shirt.  It starts at 10am on Sunday, and finishes at 7pm. The seems the stadium are fleecing the visitors for whatever they can get. One of the visitors said they tried to charge €10 for the programmes, but when people wouldn’t pay that they reduced the price to €5 … just like that. More info here :

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4 thoughts on “Rugby tournament, "The shameless one", QE2 farewell, Property tax surprise … etc.”

  1. Question for whoever about the internet.
    When we come back I don’t want to be going to a neighbours house or the local club every time I want to use the net. So who would you guys recommend as an ISP?
    Also why is international traffic usually capped? Do any providers offer unlimited international traffic?

    Tobi – The Caring Company.
    During the Christmas holidays one Saturday morning we arrived at Joe’s house in Gaula unannounced and uninvited and started firing questions at him regarding properties etc.
    All I can say is he was a top man and spent time answering all our questions and concerns. So The Caring Company gets a special recommendation from me here and really does live up to it’s name.
    (Appologies if you’ve no idea what I’m talking about??)

    Will – But does this mean that you disagree with some of the president’s choices? Whats your feeling on the smoking ban, is AJJ doing what the people who put him there want?

    Oh Will my friend. I think you are dangling a small juicy worm in the water for me to bite onto. (That is a metaphor not an euphemism by the way)
    I think the folks on here have had more than enough excitement on here this last week so I’ll be keeping quiet…. But then there’s always next week hahah.

    By the way my wife is getting very impatient about returning to her homeland. It’s the first day of ‘summer’ here in the UK hahaha. It’s raining, ,dreary, dark and not very warm and she’s thoroughly miserable and irritated. There goes my Saturday night ‘bonus’ then.

    Bom fim de semana.

    After creating the world God was so pleased with His work He gave it a kiss and Madeira was born.


  2. I recently returned to Madeira following a week long trip to England and I couldn't believe how much has been going on in this blog whilst I have been away, it has taken me 4 days to catch up with everything!
    I am soon also to be reading the seemingly very controversal book. Perhaps the author did have some very unfortunate experiences during his time on the island but I can very happily say that apart from the odd little niggle we seem to have intergrated extremely well into our local community. I personally, love this island and my way of life here very much!
    With regards to the smoking ban, I for one was very pleased to see it brought in all over Europe. For years in the UK I had to suffer from the occasional cigarette burn on my clothing and the horrible smells etc! The U turn in Madeira is a great pity because everyone (well maybe not so well in Funchal but out here in the countryside of R.Brava)seemed to accept the ban so well.
    Der are you going to the stadium for the whole day on Sunday? I might be tempted along for an hour or three!
    If anyone is organising a trip to the poncha bar I might be interested if shared taxi's are being arranged.

  3. As it finishes at 7pm, I will go along for the last few hours … probably arrive between 3 and 4pm for the finale matches. Wil means 'Patinhas' for Poncha, as that's where his dad went, but we could go to the real Poncha bar in Serra da Agua, but I will be on foot. Will ring you Elaine. Wil you have my number?


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