Jardim's Jolly, Night problems, Cancer cure?, FlyMI, etc.

TODAY’S PHOTO : The ‘Manchester Morris Men’ made their debut at the São Pedro Festival in Ribeira Brava. Got a good appreciative crowd, and it was well publicised on local radio. I stayed long enough to take this photo, but I went in disguise for fear of getting recognised … gives a bad name to men this sort of thing.

Some more photos and captions added today at the bottom of the new webpage Sao Pedro Festa:


Front Page News : source : Diário de Notícias 29/6/2008

President Jardim is in Venezuela visiting Madeiran emigrants. He has already visited London this year for the same reason. Nice Jolly if you can get it, but I can’t imagine the prime minister of my birth county coming to Madeira (except for a holiday of course).

The spokesman of the Regional Command of the PSP (Public Security Police) says that the owners of bars and nightclubs must trust more in the police, in reaction to increases in violent incidents both inside and outside these establishments. He refers to the levels of cooperation received when the PSP attend an incident and try and identify the culprit(s). In the last month there have been at least 4 serious cases of assaults, and the image of Madeira has been tarnished  as a relatively peaceful place for nightime activity. In one of the incidents referred to, a 29 year old footballer  was attacked with a glass in a toilet, and is now blind as a result. The 4 incidents are given as taking place in Funchal, Machico, Água de Pena, and Gaula. I just don’t recognise this side of Madeira … the worst I have ever seen in 5 years is a couple of drunks scuffling on ocassions, and owners of cafes and bars have been eager to call the police the moment trouble starts brewing. The police then normally attend within minutes, and tell the offenders to behave themselves  and go home.

Someone was asking a couple of days ago about the Madeira Classic Car Rally … it was won by a Madeiran, João Mota in a MGB of 1971.

A spiny plant called fusete, and also called Madeiran Berberis, that is endemic to Madeira and is found rarely at high altitudes has been found to have special properties in the treatment of skin cancer. It is being put forward as one the high hopes for the cure of malignant skin cancer or melanoma.  The study has been jointly undertaken by universities in Portugal and America, and a cancer research institute in Spain.

Other News :

The new Madeira based airline FlyMI hopes to have it’s operation up and running for tourist charter flights by the end of this summer, if negotiations to ‘lease’ a Boeing 737-800 are successful. Originally it announced it would start flying next new year, following the delivery of it’s own aircraft of the same type.

It’s ‘Madeira Day’ here tomorrow, a public holiday, so don’t forget that the buses run a different service.

The Bolo de Caco at São Pedro Festa this weekend was out in abundance, but again I saw it being made with just flour and water … no sweet potato. I am begining to wander if I have ever tried the real thing yet. Anyone know if Hiper Sã or Modelo make theirs with the proper recipie?


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5 thoughts on “Jardim's Jolly, Night problems, Cancer cure?, FlyMI, etc.”

  1. i have never seen sweet potato go into bolo do caco, but i know it is a key ingredient, i have wondered if the potato is already powdered and in with the flour, otherwise i have know idea…..

    Had a nice ride out to Faial yesterday, my friend Dave has the Tea room and terrace bar up by the Church, he is from Bristol really nice chap, and the views from the terrace are amazing. If anyone is out that way pop up and see him, he would love to see more expats and people visit him, and the drinks are nice and cheap.

    You should have joined in with the dancing Der, or is another bout of exercise to much for you . lol lol

    Such a busy weekend and you still found time to do the blog , much appreciated Der

  2. I've tried making bolo do caco from the Madeira Times recipe given elsewhere using sweet potato and it was not successful. The answer is in the flour, I am beginning to think.There is no time for yeasts to work if this bread can be made during an event for consumption straight away.
    More information needed please, for me to try and make this delightful bread at home.
    I've tried dried potato flour andit was not a good bread.

  3. when I went to São João festa Monday last week, they did make the dough into big blobs and leave it to stand for sometime, but I am not sure how long. They did spend a lot of time and effort mixing it, presumably to get plenty of air into the mixture. The flour was straight from the supermarket 1kg bags, so there was definately no sweet potato mixed in.

    Tobi – I need no more exercise as I do the 350 steps into town twice a day, but thanks for the suggestion!


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