Hot and cold football news, Easyjet to Lisbon, Supply shortages and Jardim warning, etc.

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Tobi … a splendid shot of the Botanical Gardens.

News within the last hour : Portuguese champion FC Porto could still get to play in next season’s Champions league after winning an appeal against its suspension. UEFA’s appeal body today overturned the suspension that was imposed by its own disciplinary body because of a bribery scandal. The case will now go back to the disciplinary body for another ruling.

Main News : source : Diário de Notícias 12/6/2008

Of course it could be nothing else, the qualification of Portugal into the knock out stage of the Euro 2008. Christiano Ronaldo scored a goal, and generously set up another, just about deserving his man of the match award. Another bit of old news is that the Portuguese manager, big Phil Scolari has agreed to manage Chelsea football club next season.

The news that was expected but was never confirmed until now is that Easyjet will fly the route between Madeira and Lisbon, taking on the Portuguese giant TAP with its low cost fares. Already operating 15 flights weekly between Madeira and the UK, a contractual part of that deal was an extra route in 2008, which until now was undisclosed. Easyjet are not doing it in half measures either, with 2 daily flights to/from the Portuguese capital, likely to start late October. This will be the first foreign company to fly this route, following the liberalisation of the airways that took place in April this year. The route will be opertaed on an Airbus A319, that will depart Madeira at 9.45 am and 6.15 pm. Fares are as yet unknown, but will quite likely attract the residents discount of €30 each way. Subsidised Easyjet flights … makes the mouth water, and will probably make it cheaper to go to Lisbon to do your shopping rather than do it here!

Easyjet are also due to announce yet another flight to/from Madeira next month. This it appears will be to another foreign country, which will not be England.

A supply ship that arrived yesterday brought only 65 containers instead of the normal 160, and just one of those was refrigerated. Another one which left Lisbon yesterday has just 48 containers on board, none of which are refrigerated. Reading between the lines here, perhaps it’s time to stock up your fridges and freezers. I wonder if the shortages will result in price rises, as that’s normally the pattern for unscrupulous businesses. If those transport workers in Portugal don’t finish their strike over fuel prices soon, we could all be living on a diet of expensive bananas and paw paw fruit by this time next week.

Madeira has aircraft fuel reserves to last two weeks, unlike most of continental Portugal … it seems that word is getting around, as a plane from Lisbon made an unscheduled refueling stop here before going on to Brazil.

Other News : 

In a speech in Gaula yesterday, the president of Madeira said that the recession on Madeira combined with the effects of the transport strike “is going to have huge repercussions in the pockets of all of the Portugueses”.  “I am concerned, because Madeira is a very dependent region compared to the remainder of the national territory.  It suffices to remember that more of 80% of what we consume in Madeira is imported from the Continent.  If the economy of the Continent is in bad shape, that ends up having consequences for the economy of Madeira also”, referred Alberto João Jardim. Bit lacking on the spin there AJJ … oh, forgot you are putting the blame on national government instead!

In the same speech, president Jardim said that the liberalisation of the airways (Madeira to Portugal) was a big mistake, as it was causing difficulties in pricing for Madeirans making the journey, with accusations between Madeira and Lisbon as to who is ‘stealing the money’.


I thought I had better stock up on petrol and necessities today, in view of the glum news about shortages. By chance Modelo had a beer sale starting today (ends Sunday) … 25%  off on the loyalty card, not much room in the trolley after that, but I came home lacking 5 items on the list. Fresh fish shortages were very noticeable as far as choice goes, with just 4 types available. Bacalhau was OK … I think they have stocks dating back to the last ice age anyway.

Question from Josie : “We always go to Estreita de Camara do Lobos for the wine festival, but this year we have visitors who are returning to the UK on the Saturday, do you know if the parade is also on the Friday or is it just the Saturday, I know the festa is 5th,6th and 7th Sept.

Can anyone help please?

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9 thoughts on “Hot and cold football news, Easyjet to Lisbon, Supply shortages and Jardim warning, etc.”

  1. It seems like a day has disappeared from my life, because tucked away in the national pages of today's Diário is the story that the striking truckers in Portugal (over fuel prices) started to return to work Thurday morning. Nationally food and other supplies should be back to normal over the weekend. Apparently they stood down after some persuasive threats from the government, and the truckers don't seem particularly happy with it. There is still limited industrial action in some places in Portugal. So far 52 law breakers have been identified, and 15 of these have already been put into the legal process.

  2. Well if Porto are allowed to play in the Champions League next season where is the punishment for the alledged bribary and match fixing. Yes they were docked points but that didn't really matter much as they were so far ahead in the league anyway.

    Does anyone out there know what will be constructed on the old docks in Funchal?

    Great blog and it's even better when there is a slight edge to it and people actually write honest oppinions in the comment box.

    Oh and if Alberto João Jardim said the grass was green you would probably still argue that he was wrong. lol.

    Alberto João Jardim
    Democratically elected by the good people of Madeira for 30 years.
    –Alberto João Jardim

  3. Dear President Jardim, so nice of you to write in, but so little time and space to respond with everything I wish to say. Typical of you to be anti-Porto, where everyone has to be punished at least twice (except your beloved Marítimo of course). And since when did Madeirans use the expression LOL. Surprised you don't know what's going to be built on the old docks … everyone knows there is going to be a knew ferry terminal. A for the grass being green, the stuff you lot smoke is probably more of a browny colour. You big phoney!

  4. "Typical of you to be anti-Porto"

    I'm a long suffering Leeds United fan I'm afraid, a club that has had it's fair share of punishment in recent times.
    For my Portuguese teams I like Sporting because of the exciting talent they seem to produce and, err, yes I do like Maritimo.

    You were a bit slow here I think. Corruption = Porto & PSD. I will leave you to come up with the punchline!

    Democratically elected by the good people of Madeira for 30 years.
    –President Alberto João Jardim

  5. there you go Vic, two posts for the price of one … only with madeira4u ! Hope you are OK now.

    Re Porto, using prostitutes to entice referees certainly isn't corruption … you ask any prostitute!

  6. Calm down boys …….

    Ok JOSIE, as far as i know the parade for the wine festival is only Saturday, but i went Friday a few years back , and they had live music on stage and all the normal festival things, it was a good night as far as i can remember.

    Yes the port is going to be a new stop for the cruise ships, i have also heard we going to have one a Europe's largest aquariums, and there will be shops, bars, and restaurants.

    If you are posting a long comment its worth copying it , so you can paste it if it gets lost with the problem at the moment..

    Have a Fab Weekend , and good luck to portugal…..


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