Ferry inauguration, Stray animals up, Energy efficiency certificates, São Pedro festa etc

TODAY’S PHOTO : São Pedro Festa in Ribeira Brava last night … espetada on the beach was never so popular (for more photos see below)

Front Page News : source : Diário de Notícias 28/6/2008

Yet another weak news day, but I will struggle on.

The official inauguration of the ferry operation for the ‘Volcán of Tijarafe’ takes place in Portimão today, having already taken 3,000 bookings for passengers on return trips (Madeira / Portimão / Canary Islands). Despite support from Madeira and Portuguese governments, the issue of the €30 each way residents subsidy has still not been resolved in the hands of European bureaucrats, and this eventually could impact on the decision whether to operate the ferry service all year round.

Other News :

This year so far SPAD (Protective Society of  Domestic Animals) has taken in 1,528 stray animals, compared to 1,257 in the first half of 2007. SPAD is pretty fed up that it has to do all the work without the necessary human and financial resources, whilst the local councils do nothing, despite it being their role to deal with stray animals … “The current legislation dictates that the towns are the responsible for the idle and wandering animals”.  Even the regular funding for SPAD from Funchal Council has dried up, with no money received since February. SPAD has space for barely 350 dogs and cats but somehow, in the interests of animal welfare, it takes them all in, with the old and sick animals being put down where necessary to make more room.

A dreadful situation for SPAD to have to put animals down to make more space, and it must be pretty soul destroying to think that after the hundreds of free sterilizations they have done, and the massive campaigns they have taken to educate people and raise funds over the last 12 months, that the number of strays handed in is going up and not down. What can we do about it? We can help SPAD directly of course, but if you feel like going to your Câmara (council) office and complaining, here are the relevant laws (very roughly translated, so please don’t blame me if I got a bit wrong) :

Law n.º 315/2003, of 17 of December – article 2º paragraph Z – names town councils as a “Competent Authority” (ie takes responsibility for the following laws)

Law n.º 315 – article 19º nº1 – It falls to the town councils to collect and capture stray animals for reasons of public health, of security, and to preserve the peace for other persons and animals, and ensure the protection of property.

Law n.º 314 / 2003 of 17 of December – article 9º nº2: Compels the councils to undertake initiatives and actions to reduce the population of stray animals, in accordance with the Veterinary Director General.

Law n.º 314 – article 11º nº1:  “The town councils, of their own accord, or in association with others towns, are obliged to possess and maintain installations to be used as animal kennels”. 

Law n.º 314 – article 13º nº7:  It falls to the lawfully constituted societies (for animal control/management) to collaborate when it comes to be requested by the competent authorities. 

And I suspect it is probably this last law that cause the problems to be pushed back onto SPAD.

In a very long and detailed article there is a bit more about the new energy efficiency certificates that become compulsory for all buildings on Madeira, from 1st July. As from next week, anyone building new, or remodeling old properties will need to have the new certificate when requesting a licence for construction. The energy rating will be assessed between levels A (good) to G (bad), just like electrical appliances. The certificates for housing will be valid for 10 years. If the property being constructed has a good exposure to the sun, then solar panels will be obligatory for the supply of sanitary hot water. The ‘catch up’ exercise for all existing properties is not included in the article, but I will cover this when the information is published.

77% of the electricity produced in Madeira is consumed by buildings (air conditioning, lighting, electrical appliances, etc.). 

A turtle that lived in these waters 12 years ago and was tagged for monitoring purposes, was found in Canadian waters, 2,700 kilometres away.

São Pedro Festa / Saint Peter Festival, Ribeira Brava. The main night was last night and the town was packed. More events today, and it is likely that many of the stalls will stay on another day or two. I have done a special webpage of photographs … take a peek! The photos are not great due to a flat camera battery later on, so a mobile phone camera was used, but plenty of room for more photos if you have any.



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  1. Hi , Nice photos from last night Der, had a great day out myself yesterday, became a tourist for the day, went on a trip organised in Gaula,we all meet at 8am up in Gaula, we started at the botanical gardens, then took the cable car to Monte, had a walk round monte then has a 3 course lunch. Then back on the coach , and down to the Funchal story centre, and the electric museum, then we went up to camacha, and arrived back in Gaula at 19.30, and the price was a very good €20.00, me and a friend , sat with these 5 old ladies for lunch, which we managed to get quite pissed , it was a great day….

    Then last night we went to the festival at Camera do Lobos, it was a great night didnt see any trouble , which even surprised me, and the fireworks were fantastic, knocked the socks off the ones we have had in Funchal, they were all to music , and they had a curtain of fire , from one side of the bay to the other , which lasted about 3 minutes on its own , with just a continuing curtain of silver and gold falling, totally amazing.But being in this area i went as light as poss , so no Photos im afraid

  2. sounds like a busy weekend Tobi … I know what you mean about not taking a camera to certain places. I tend to take broken cameras or with flat batteries when I go out.


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