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Source : Diário de Notícias 4/3/2008

This is probably the least news I have ever seen in the daily newspaper. Full of nothing stories about the number of car accidents this week, a interview with a women who didn’t enjoy her gender until she became a mother, and a garage in São Vicente or somewhere being used as a church. The front page lead story, is international news about Venezuela threatening to declare war on Columbia (just the first victim in my opinion). So, apart from the shopping news below, I had to come up with some drivel about spam mail to fill some space.

The supermarket São Roque finds itself amongst those with the best prices on Madeira for fresh meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, alongside Pingo Doce stores in Funchal (Anadia) and in Cancela.

The study carried out by DECO has just been published, having analysed prices of 4000 items in 29 shops and stores in Madeira and the Azores, and categorized the ‘well known’ brands from the economical ‘own brands’. The study found that the Hyper Sã stores in Santa Cruz and São Martinho are the cheapest for grocery products and in the ‘drugstore’, but that is countered by the fact that they sell the most costly fresh products.

For overall prices (fresh, groceries, and drugstore) the best prices in specific stores are obtained in Modelo in Ribeira Brava, then in Modelo Centromar, and Pingo Doce in Cancela and Anadia. Generally Modelo is the cheapest, followed by Pingo Doce, and Hyper Sã at the back end, but it states that the difference between first and last is pretty small, demonstrating a pretty good competitive trading environment. If you want to see the full results you will have to buy this months edition of ‘Proteste’ magazine.

I wonder why they included the Azores?

I always thought the supermarket chains kept the prices pretty consistent within their own stores, and always considered Pingo Doce to be generally the most expensive, especially in fruit and veg. I shall have to think about tackling my weekly shopping trip in a different manner from now on, but I guess I am pretty lucky to have the choice of all three ‘big boys’.


I am a big, big recipient of spam mail, and every single day my tally is well over the hundred mark, thankfully most of which get filtered out. The trouble is some required mail also gets dumped in the ‘spam box’, so it’s a real pain to have to trawl through everything everyday just to pick out one or two I need to read or keep. The point being, that aside from emails telling me how I cannot currently satisfy a woman’s needs, most of the rest seem to be from scammers, trying to get you to disclose your bank account details and passwords. I am amazed that they still do this, as everyone smart enough to operate a bank account must by now know to ignore them, as even in the email headers alone they are clearly from people who don’t speak or write English properly.

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  1. Spam is a big problem , but im not getting as much as you Der, i proberly only get about 10-15 max a day and most is filterd into my junk folder, i have had my hotmail address since i started using a computer, about 7 years ago, and wouldnt want to change it, i know alot of people like G-Mail , and its ment to be better for clearing out the spam , but im happy with my hotmail , and will always keep it as my main email, ive never used outlook express or outlook, find web based email far more simple to use.

  2. I use web based as well, much more convenient and secure in the event of computer problems. I have had my email for over 10 years, but I always keep a second and third address for 'signing up' for unimportant things

  3. It,s a no news day,it,s got to make the blog hard to put together Der. Stuck back in the UK there is lots of news and it all looks bad. But you know what they say…… No news is good news! I have now got my flight booked 53 days to go and counting. P.S. keep up the good work, Cheers Alan F
    –Alan F


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