New property rules, Animal rescue, Unite against drugs, Porto … make or break night!

TODAYS PHOTO :  The Portuguese frigate ‘D. Fernando II e Glória’, constructed in 1843.

Source : Diário de Notícias 5/3/2008

As mentioned in a previous blog, a new set of procedures are being introduced that simplify the life of those involved in or owning property. As from yesterday, it is no longer required to obtain a licence from your Câmara (council) for works such as building a swimming pool, restoring a building’s facades, or making changes inside ones residence, and it is necessary only to notify the authority of your intentions. Under the banner of ‘Simplex’ the new changes are expected to deprive the Câmaras of Madeira of around €1 million in annual revenue, and there are still further changes in the pipeline. Anything affecting the ‘base’ of the house does not fall under the new rules, so it may be we will see some of the old collapsed and rundown properties on the island rebuilt … not a bad thing in theory!

Funchal Fire Brigade were called out yesterday, after a resident noticed a injured stray dog trapped down on the river bed in the zone of Rochinha. The dog was rescued and taken to SPAD (Society for the Protection of Domestic Animals) where is recovering, and hopefully will attract a new owner. I mention this only because this is the first time I have heard of the emergency services being involved in animal rescue, and I thought they wouldn’t normally get involved. Anyone know anything about this?

Our president Alberto João Jardim yesterday, whilst in Câmara de Lobos, in a speech asked the people to rally round and help in the fight against drugs on Madeira, and in particular to identify the drug dealers, urging members to inform the police of any knowledge of such activity.

In European football, FC Porto play the second leg of their champions league fixture against Schalke 04, after a one-nil away defeat. It is on RTP starting at 19:45.

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