Post Office Standards, Madeira Open Golf strike, Ferry price Rises

TODAYS PHOTO : Reported today rises in ticket prices for the ‘Lobo Marinho´.

Not much of interest in today’s news, and the blog was not helped by the fact that the internet has been ‘down’ most of the morning.

Source : Diário de Notícias 27/2/2008

A customer service survey about the post offices of Portugal and Madeira (CTT) published it’s findings, and they are not good reading, with not one single branch achieving the overall required standard. Citing the areas of registered post handling, the faxing service, information given to customers, waiting times, and opening hours as the main problems, it was deemed overall to be a pretty poor show. As a result CTT have been reported to every Tom, Dick and Harry authority in the land.

The club staff at the Golf Club of Santo da Serra are going on strike over pay from 19th to 23rd March, the period in which the Madeira Open golf tournament is due to be played. The course maintenance is not under threat.

The Porto Santo Ferry line has obtained authorisation to add a fuel supplement to its prices, as the airlines often do. Since the initiation of the ferry in 2003, fuel costs have risen  by 297%. From next month the price of a return ticket will rise by €2.18.

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  1. My internet connection has been crap for the last 4-5 days (well more crap than it usually is) and its disgusting the price we pay for it and dont even get a half decent service, i will be going down there to complain next, not that it gets us anywhere, but they do normally send someone out to check the connection and modem..

  2. I had to laugh about the Post Office comments. Out here in the wilds of Calheta (known as a rural backwater by everyone living in Funchal) we get post delivered once or, if we are very lucky, twice a week, and have a Post Office that runs out of stamps. Gives you confidence, doesn't it? Meanwhile, we take all our post into Funchal to put it in the blue box, as you can add at least an extra week to delivery times if we post it here. Makes even the British Post Office look efficient.

  3. well i can only say we have never had a problem here in Canico.Posted a letter to Worcester UK at about 11.30am on Monday 25/02/08.arrived today 27/02/08.Not for the first time either.Calheta?? it is a rural backwater is'nt it?

  4. I can agree the post is excellent in canico, my mum send me stuff every week or so , and i have never had a problem , nothing ever gone missing, and always recieve within the week.

  5. us lucky ones in Ribeira Brava have a daily delivery (well amost), but from the queues I see outside the post office some times, I think some attention is needed there


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