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Funny old island this, with the airport around 45 kilometres away suffering flight cancellations and 6 diversions to Porto Santo yesterday pm due to fog, we had just a sprinkling of rain and a dark sky.

News Source : Diário de Notícias 29/12/2007

With more pressing matters and plenty of time to wait, this news was left until now, but I am sure will interest any readers who live on Madeira, as it concerns changes to the TV channels, courtesy of CaboTV. If you have just the basic TV package with 33 stations and no Powerbox, then you won’t see any changes.

For those who haven’t already noticed and who subscribe to the Funtastic Life package (free to broadband subscribers) there is a new TV channel in the Films & Series category, simply called ‘Mov’ … worth a look.

There are also 10 new channels coming up … very handy if you speak the language of, or have an interest in matters chinese, russian, ucranian, romanian, spanish, cuban, or bulgarian.

From 4th February, the complete TV channel listing is going to be completely altered, and the TV channels will be grouped by theme, and numbered between 1 and 300. Channels 1 to 7 (Portuguese) will remain as at present, but the rest will be grouped as follows:

1. National (Portuguese) Channels 1-19

2. Sport 20+

3. Childrens 40+

4. Films & Series 50+

5. Entertainment 70+

6. Documentary 100+

7. Music 140+

8. News 200+

9. All the foreign language channels 220+ (from a Portuguese speaker view)

10. Adult 260+

11. Video on Demand & Others 280+

The premium channels (sport & films) will be merged within these groups.

On 4th February, you will need to power off your Powerbox, and then switch it on again. More details here:

One could reasonably suppose that spreading the existing channels across 300 numbers leaves plenty of empty slots for new channels …?

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