The new 'Flying Squad', TAP charges, …

I have a backlog of news stories at the moment, so this is a bit more of yesterdays news:

Source : Diário de Notícias 11/1/2008

In 2008 you will see a new phenomenon arrive on the beaches of Madeira … bicycle beach patrols.

Six ‘all terrain’ bikes were delivered on Thursday to the regional commander  of the PSP (Police of Public Security), who believes they will allow “a better security and visibility in the tourist zones”. 

The PSP also took delivery of four new cars and six motobikes that “permit the development of a good work level with the fluidity of traffic in all the roads of the Region”.

Aside from the obvious comment to our new police cyclists about “… the rocky road ahead”, we now wait to hear the dates for the government inaugurations for each of the new bicyles, cars, and motorbikes.


This week saw a rare event happen in the Madeiran Assembly, where all the political parties in the government agreed on something … yes, I repeat, they all agreed on something. The agreement was to a vote of protest about TAP (the Portuguese airline company) increasing it’s fares between Madeira and Lisbon yet again, this time by a further €6, and not surprisingly blamed on increasing fuel prices.


In the national parliament this week a statement was made about a change in fiscal policy that would benefit the pensioners of Portugal (and Madeira). The statement was made by a minister named ‘Vieira da Silva’, which amusingly translates using my computer programme as ‘Scallop of the Hisses’. Would you trust a politician with a name like that to deliver benefits to pensioners … ?

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