The blog is back ….

After 9 days of blog chaos, we are finally back on line. All the temporary blogletts have been transferred over (some with some noticable presentation problems), but nether-the-less ’tis now done.

The ‘surrogate’ blog will be disconnected and all the buttons and bells should work as normal, but any problems please drop me a line – thanks!

No time left to compose any stories as this job has taken so long, but it will be back to normal tomorrow with an unmissable story for all electricity consumers on Madeira (I have been known to exagerate in the past).

There are also some new comments that didn’t appear on the ‘surrogate’ blog, in particular on the subject of condominiums.

Also, if anyone noticed that my spelling was improved the last week or so, well that was because there was a spellchecker under that arrangement. Now you are going to see the real me again, spelling warts and all!

Things to look forward to in the next week:

A report from our correspondent on Porto Santo

Carnival photos (if I get sent any that is, Tobi, you there?)

Pinch, punch, first of the month for tomorrow

5 thoughts on “The blog is back ….”

  1. Lol, im not sure if im going to the carnival Der, but i will proberly go to the fun one on Tuesday, so i will send you some of them…
    Glad to see the blog back, and about time,took them a while to get their fingers out their ****..
    If you have the google toolbar, which any computer user should have , then there is no excuse with yr spelling. lol.
    The new irish pub opens tomorrow, where Alma latino used to be , its looking very nice , and i here they gonna do English Breakfast and Sunday Roast, also the Rugby 6 Nations starts on Saturday.. Take Care and glad to see you back to normal (Well as normal as you can be)….

  2. Hi Don, it's there at the bottom of this page (it is on mine anyway) if it's not working, let me know please. As it's a daily blog there should always be something new.


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