Security Alert, Absolute Rubbish!, & Revolting Lawyers

TODAYS PHOTO : A sight for sore eyes. The Xmas decorations coming down yesterday at long last!

Don’t you just love it when there is a power cut. You can imagine my delight when it happened just as I was about to post today’s blog, and lost the lot.

By the way, if anyone is thinking about getting the telephone through CaboTV, then be aware that it doesn’t work when there is a power cut (or when the internet is down), which makes it about as useful as Skype or the other VoIP services.

Source : Diário de Notícias 22/1/2008

Quite timely considering the recent point made about lawyers (solicitors) fees here, is an article about a new law which came in at the beginning of this year which restricts the fees payable to lawyers when working for the state (presumably includes representation for those defendants who don’t have the means to pay?). The head of the assocaition of lawyers (Ordem do Advogados) has called for the new law to be suspended, because it doesn’t pay their members enough. All the more reason to rip-off a few more foreigners, so beware!

A worrying story about the effects of irresponsible dumping of supermarket shopping bags in the sea. Although the situation is not completely out of hand, marine biologists say that in some places, both floating and underwater, you can find a plastic bag every 5 seconds. As they are pretty much unrottable, and can kill large sea creatures (such as dolphins and whales) if digested, then the problem could become serious. Fishermen are blamed considerably for the problem, as allegedly, they bag up all their rubbish in harbour and habitually take it our to sea and throw it overboard. I know there are plenty of idiots around in life, but somethings never cease to amaze me. Perhaps the supermarkets taking a more responsible attitude with shopping bags will help the situation.

The town council of  Funchal promises ‘a heavy hand’ for those who do not correctly separate the trash for recycling.  The plan is to increase inspections and fine those who do not comply, and failure to improve could also add increases to the water bills.  Last year, the rate of recycling in the Funchal area was just 22.33 percent. 

A couple of days ago it was announced that the whole of Portugal was to go on high alert, following the announcement last week that there were terrorists in the country, that had escaped from the authorities in Spain. Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell Madeira airport security, so until yesterday they were on normal security arrangements. This is Maderia, and we expect things to take longer than elsewhere in the world, but you can rest assured that if you are going to be flying in the next few days (or weeks?) the security queues will be twice as long as usual.

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