New Fishing Rights?, Levada Accidents, Porto Santo Ferry

Source : Diário de Notícias 17/1/2008

Nearly 7 years after the initial proposal from Madeira, its seems that today a new agreement is to be signed between Portugal and Spain, regarding fishing rights and territories. If signed, as expected, from 1st February this year Madeiran fishermen will be entitled to fish the territorial waters of the Canary Islands in a reciprocal agreement that also includes the Azores. This is expected to enhance the catch of both Tuna and Espada fish, which may not be returned to Madeira if more profitable markets are available elsewhere. The agreement will run until the end of 2008, with two further options for a years renewal. But before you go and dust off your boat ready for a trip south, you will need to apply for a permit, as the numbers are limited.

Source : Diário de Notícias 18/1/2008

I think it’s called ‘Sods Law’. Yesterday I mentioned about the tourist that fell and died whilst on a levada walk, and said how surprisingly rare it was to see such reports. Yesterday a 71 year old German man fell around 10 meters whilst visiting Paul da Serra, but luckily he managed to grap a bush on the way down and slow his fall. He has been released from hospital already, having only suffered cuts and bruises, after eventually being rescued by the fire brigade and mountain rescue specialists. In a separate article published today, the Diário seems to have picked up on the same point, citing 5 tourists deaths since 2004, whilst ‘taking levada’ walks.

Funny thing that in english, you ‘take’ a walk or a stroll, but in Portuguese you ‘give’ a walk or stroll (“dar um passeio” or “dar uma volta”).


This news is a bit late about the Madeira to Porto Santo Ferry, as I wasn’t previously aware. According to the company website : “We would like to inform you that the passenger transport service between Madeira and Porto Santo will not be in operation as from 8 January 2008, and the regular service is expected to be resumed on 23 January. During its docking period, Porto Santo Line will ensure the transport of a maximum of 50 passengers per day who are residents of Porto Santo, by air, in accordance with its contract with SATA. Residents of Porto Santo will pay the Porto Santo resident’s fare on Porto Santo Line, while this company will be responsible for the difference in price.”

There are some good package deals in the Diário for the ferry during Ferbruary, where you can travel and stay in a 4 star hotel, for a lower price than a return journey to Porto Santo.

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