Hotel Management Strike?, 5 Star Camping in Porto Santo, More CaboTV Internet

Blog for Thursday 24th January, 2008

TODAYS PHOTO : So that’s what those cute white striped areas in the middle of the road are for!

The Porto Santo Ferry should be back in service now … has anyone seen it?

Source : Diário de Notícias 24/1/2008

Hotel Management threaten to strike in March due to proposed revisions to their employment contracts and plans to review their status as a professional group. That was the outcome of a meeting yesterday involving the trade union representing Hotel Managers. Also the proposal for a wage increase of 1% is fueling the proposed action. The TU representative feels that the proposals will leave his members with a status on a par with “cooks”.

Porto Santo seems to get missed out in the news coverage, so here is an effort to readdress the balance.

Porto Santo was promised a new campsite last summer, and the contract for the works has been going through the tendering process. €3.8 million has been earmarked for the project, which will sit somewhere between the airport and the town centre (Vila Baleira) and will occupy a space of around 24,000 square metres. Under the plans, a new facilities will be constructed which will include spas, changing rooms, a swimming pool, a snack bar, extensive gardens, and a minimarket. The government’s website describes this as ‘5 Star’ facility. With all those facilities, 5 star status, and €3.8 million in the pot, isn’t this really a single story hotel without room service?

CaboTV rang back later on yesterday (see blog) and said that the broadband deal offered by PT was only for the first 3 months, and thereafter actually became more expensive than the CaboTV deal. I talked through the fact that I was only getting a 2Mbps service instead of 18Mbps with CaboTV, and I was told that the daily range could be anywhere between 0Mbps and 18Mbps, and that according to their judgement as long as they peaked once in the month at 18Mbps they were OK with their claim. What cadswallop! I have tested the speed regularly, and never have I had over 2Mbps … watch this space!

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