Hiper Sã In Câmara de Lobos? Condominium Woes

Blog for Sunday 27th January, 2008

Source : Diário de Notícias 27/1/2008

The Hiper Sã supermarket chain is looking for new land to build yet another superstore. This time they want to build in Câmara de Lobos, and have already been making enquires for premises in the vicinty of the recently opened Modelo store. That should put a few more businesses out of commission in the area, just what was needed in a region that is probably already the most deprived on Madeira.

Little else worth reading in the newspaper today. I think Madeira is having a news relapse. So in the spirit of good entertainment, here is a piece I wrote a couple of weeks ago, waiting for some space to put it.


‘Condominiums’ are common on Madeira for apartments owners, or those who live in places with shared facilities. They are theoretically governed by law, but in practice they can be (and often are) a real nightmare for the owners once a condominium management company has been appointed, and also where members don’t pay their dues.

I heard one story a couple of weeks ago where the electricity bill for the common areas of the building wasn’t paid because of non payment of fees by some owners, and the supply was cut off for a few days … no lift, no lights, and worst of all no electricity for the water pump.

I am also unlucky enough to be in a condominium run by a cowboy management company (in which one of the apartment owners is a partner, as well as the principal developer of the building). As a result we had a house
down the street ‘tapping off’ our condominium electricity and using our water supplies free of charge, 2 years of accounts inaccurate and unapproved, a reserve fund that is about 2/3rds short on what it should have, and all sorts
of underhand tactics to hide the truth. At a meeting last week (probably called because most of the owners are away), the 2007 accounts were presented for approval, along with the 2008 budget. How they can manage to produce accounts for 2007 when 2006 is still outstanding is beyond me. What is even more amazing is that the management company was voted out at the meeting last year, but they have ignored that and continue to ‘run’ the condominium!

Even local people have the same problems, and I quote one lady who say’s there is not a decent condominium company on the island.

Any other good ‘condo’ stories, let us know …


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  1. Hello There.
    With regard to your comments on your COWBOY management company. It has to be a company called "A.C.N.G Ltd" now going under the diguise of "Charib Funchal" They used to opperate from an office in Ribeira Brava, but have now moved to new offices in Funchal. Is it run by an AXXXXXX GXXXXXXXXX and a JXXXXXXX RXXXXXXX da SXXXXX? This company just pleases itself. They disregard the owners they work for, and vote themselves pay hikes as and when they choose. They are opperating outside of the Portuguese Condominium Law, with the backing of Charib pt. Anyone who has any information regarding this company please give a comment. The law is on there trail, and the net is closing in.
    –Sunshine Susana


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