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Blog for WEDNESDAY 23rd JANUARY 2008

Lots of news stories yesterday, so here are a couple more:

Source : Diário de Notícias 22/1/2008

The relevant authorities were yesterday called to investigate a complaint made by a consumer against a restaurant (name and location unstated) but it also does a ‘take-away’ service. On Sunday afternoon a family out for a meal were somewhat disturbed to observe that the daughters meal included a cockroach. Unable to find the owner on the premises, a formal complaint was lodged. One of the owners has now confirmed the facts and commented that “It is unknown whether it was a joke of the client or the responsibility of the restaurant”. Now I know many people who on the way out for Sunday lunch, stop off and pick-up a cockroach or two, and then put them on their uneaten dinner, just for a laugh. However, making such a comment to a reporter doesn’t exactly smack of common sense. I don’t know which restaurant this was, but if word gets out I will be adding it to my list of places not to visit.

Last weekend was one of troubles, with at least seven houses robbed.  As well as gold and computer equipment, the hunger of theft was so great that food from the refrigerator and pantry also disappeared. São António was the area worst hit. (the rest of this story is now machine translation) Of the interior of a home in the Naughty one of the Fifth one of the Nuns, nearby the Jamboto, disappeared several articles in gold evaluated in more of 1,500 euros.  The door was closed (in the latch), but the daring vagabond was not done requested and took advantage of it leaves.  

In todays news:

There were 289 divorces decreed by the court in Madeira in 2007, compared to 567 in 2006, and 548 in 2005. In 2006, the divorce rate was around 2.3 people per thousand inhabitants. The numbers for 2007 are well down  on previous years for reasons that are not particularly clear, but are probably offset by separations of mutual consent.

In a dinner hosted by the Association of Constuction and Industry at the Tivoli Ocean Park Hotel, our president, Alberto Joâo Jardim, openly flaunted the new anti-smoking laws by lighting up a chunky cigar in the dining room. Having started a bad example, he was swiftly followed by a number of others present, so much so that the hotel had to go and dig out some of their dusty old ashtrays … this makes todays front page photo … a fine example!

Apparently, Madeira is on yellow alert, due to strong winds. They are certainly not visible from where I’m sitting.

If CaboTV is your internet service provider, this might interest. I had an email from PT (telephone company) yesterday offering 16Mbps broadband for about €25 per month, so I contacted CaboTV and said I was thinking of moving unless they could do me a better deal as I currently pay €35 per month. They rang me this morning and said the package I was on with them was for 18Mbps. I laughed, and said I would get back to them. I tested my connection 3 times today, and the best result I got was 2Mbps! That’s like buying a 9kg sack of potatoes, only to get them home and find there is only 1kg in the sack. How do they get away with it!

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  1. We r on the 18mbps package, but it is a laugh, and they always say upto 18mbps. This isa big problem in the Uk as well, and they are trying to crack down on the net providers overthere and get the backing from the government to do something about it, but i think we would be wasting our time Der. Maybe yr readers on this island would like to test there speed and post there highest speed on here.
    –Tobi 23/1/2008


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