A few snippets from todays newspaper

Source : Diário de Notícias 14/1/2008

There is little of great interest to report in todays paper, so just a short news blog today.

There are 4 crime stories, including a tourist mugging, 2  robberies from a bakery and a bar, and the reported arrest of 3 petrol thieves. In an extensive interview with the Commissioner of Police on Madeira in yesterday’s Diário, there was no confirmation of rising crime here, but he did say that the crimes they were dealing with were becoming more sophisticated and more likely to involve violence.

There are 3 cruise ships in Funchal today bringing around 6,500 additional tourists to the streets of Funchal.

In Holland the government has decided to introduce new airport taxes for holidays to Madeira and the Azores. From June this year visitors will be expected to fork out an additional €45, a figure that is causing some controversy, because it is higher than the taxes being imposed for flights within the rest of Europe. The Dutch Government considers that Madeira and the Azores should attract higher taxes as autonomous regions situated further away and outside the continental boundaries. The taxes are  necessary for measures to combat environmental issues and global warming.


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  1. govt. like to use this as an excuse,are extra taxes imposed on freight aircraft or privately owned aircraft,or is just the ordinary man in the street that causes pollution/


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