Xmas Sales and Winter 'Sales'

Source : Diário de Notícias 27-12-2007

Front page news today is the poor sales in the shops over the Christmas period … the worst in 10 years for the shops in Funchal. In the last 15 months it claims that 1,300 jobs have been lost and 10 shops have closed.

Perhaps the people of Madeira have caught onto the fact that they can save a packet if they wait until the January sales? There is no mention of the new Dolce Vita Shopping Centre opening with over 50 new shops and numerous jobs. Lets face it, you can open as many new shops as you want, but if the population numbers are static or declining, and there is only so much money to spend, then that expenditure is just going to be spread about more. There may be increased tourism due to more flights and opportunities, but tourists for sure are not going to come here and do their Xmas shopping.

Different article, but linking in with the ‘sales’ theme, is an article about a new law changing the permitted window in which shops here can hold official ‘sales’ for selling off of their reduced price goods. I recall that until now there were winter sales and summer sales that both had to be held within defined dates. Any sales outside these dates had to be called something else (promotions, reductions. etc. … but not ‘Sales’).

So in case anyone is interested, the winter sales will in future be held between 28th December (tomorrow!) until 28th February, and the summer sales between 15th July and 15th September.

So if you have any cash left over after Xmas, or got given cash in lieu of pressies … get yer skates on to get the first bargains tomorrow!

You know, I would hate to be an email spammer … the poor souls didn’t seem to get any time off at Xmas.


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