Talking Rubbish?

Source :  Diário de Notícias 28/12/2007

If you have children that go to school here then you will need to be aware that there is a new law governing what weights they can carry to and from school. Clearly for health reasons, and probably not such a bad idea, the limits depend on the cycle / grade that the child is in and is deemed comfortable to carry for the age. Initially it sets a total limit, and also later it covers weights of individual books. I wonder who will enforce it … mum with her kitchen scales? With my fertile imagination I am just thinking aloud ” … Pedro, your rucksack is 200g overweight, let me just take out that bar of chocolate and bag of crisps … you will have to manage with just an apple today”.

Its reported that since xmas day, Funchal refuse collection services have collected 276 tons of rubbish, with the total expected to rise to over 400 tons. That was just the rubbish not separated for recyling, produced for or on Christmas day. On 1st January, once the revellers have started to head home, a team of 70 workers with cleaning machines and dustcarts will make a start on cleaning up the celebrations of the previous night.

You will be pleased to know that I won’t be contributing to that litter in any form, as I now won’t be going, like most of the population outside Funchal. It’s madness to take a car into Funchal that night, taxi … forget it, and there are no buses running to take people home. You would think with over a million euros to blow up with fireworks, that some form of public transport could have been laid on for the rest of the island.

When reading the print edition of the Diário last night (I normally use the online edition) I noticed a story I hadn’t seen earlier. Apparently despite the general disappointment amongst retailers there was one very very busy shop upon reopening after Xmas. I think it was in Madeira Shopping (Centre). It was a women’s lingerie shop, but according to the owners, they weren’t selling anything, just accepting back loads of red and black underwear of manekin size proportions brought by men, and exchanging it for fleshy coloured day-to-day items of more realistic proportions. So we already know that men are truly hopeless at this, but it seems to be international!

You have probably heard me winge before on the matter of fireworks being set off at most unreasonable times, and it’s still going on even with Xmas gone. The Diário reports that despite the financial difficulties families and shops are experiencing this year, the sale of fireworks is well and good, with the busiest days for selling yet to come. So how come with so little money for necessities, there is plenty for fireworks? As I have never yet seen a woman throwing a megabanger into the street, would it be a safe bet to put this down to men?

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