Self-Confessed Levada Mugger Exposed!

There was a pretty overwhelming demand to expose the self-confessed Levada Mugger, with only Benedict wanting to spare him, and Osama wanting to recruit him, so here is the picture. It’s not great quality, but you can clearly see here the Levada Mugger (right) with one of his 12 children and wife, squandering their ill gotten gains on beer! It’s a disgrace! I will be passing the photo onto the Police, in the hope they can identify and stop this man posing as Santa and mugging innocent tourists walking the once safe levadas of Madeira.

P.S. Disclaimer – If you are a real tourist intending to walk the levada’s of Madeira, don’t be put off by the menacing figure in the picture. Really he is a coward, and he won’t prey on levada walkers if they are in groups of one or more people, and it’s rumoured that most of the time he preys on innocent rabbits walking alone. If you see him offer him large quantities of red wine, like a whole glass at a time. This is known to render him helpless and almost speechless, giving you plenty of time to alert the authorities.

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