Part 2. The sensible blog

A second merry xmas wish to anyone who is sat at their computer tonight.

I looked out over the town this morning at around 10.00 … totally lifeless and totally devoid of sound, I think even the church clock was having the morning off … but hang on, there was the earthshattering sounds of 2 superbangers just after 10. I got home about 1am this morning, well ready for bed after a fun but uneventful night out in town. There were many hundreds of people in the streets and bars, probably the busiest night I have ever seen here, with children, parents, and grandparents all together.

The church was packed as I went past about an hour before midnight mass, with many hundreds having to stand outside and listen to the service through the audio system. Everyone was happy, everyone was smiling, no excessive drunks, no trouble … great!

In the first bar we went to there was a customer with a banjo of some sort playing to the customers, accompanied by a singing pal, who asked us to buy them a drink (it happens, as the perception amongst many locals is that foreigners are all rich). We got given free food in two bars, including steaming hot cod and potato mini pasties (pasteis de bacalhau), and free drinks arrived out of nowhere in another. Although we were home by 1am, I know for sure that the rest of the population were out much longer, as the last bars only close when the last people have gone home, and that is exactly why it was so quiet this morning.

There is a newspaper out today, but I can’t be bothered with that. Everything on the island is closed today with the exception of some bars and restaurants, and I hear that the cinemas in Funchal are also open.

Just for those people who live in other countries, I can tell you that we had a bright sunny xmas day in my part of Madeira with a few wisps of cloud, and the temperature rose to a totally bearable 20ºc (chilly 19ºc in Funchal). It was even better yesterday, I saw a dozen or more people sunbathing on the beach.

Enjoy the rest of your Xmas … until tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Part 2. The sensible blog”

  1. Merry Christmas Der, fab blog and so nice to see all the messages from yr celeb friends, just 1 thing to say EXPOSE THE MUGGER, IN FACT THE WHOLE FAMILY, INCLUDING THE 12 SPOGS, THAT TOM AND JERRY SOUND A BIT RUFF TO ME ….
    <mailto:[email protected]>

  2. H Der, Amy here. Sorry to be so late with my xmas greeting, but I think I ate something bad yesterday, and it did not mix with the white powder and alcohol I had for breakfast. I was totally zonked out all day! I can't find my husband Der, people say he is in Remand, but I can't find it on the map. Any ideas? Loads of love
    –Amy Winehose

  3. Hi Amy, so nice to hear from you. Remand is near where Santa lives in the North Pole. You should go there and chill out, and there is loads of white powder there … and it's free!


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