Blog on the road 7 … Madeira News

The picture was taken last weekend, when the December temperature was well down in the single figures, and although through some miracle the sun was out when the picture was taken, this is what the desperate smokers are prepared to do in order to get their nicotine fix. Cafes and bars that didn’t ............ more

Blog on the road 6 … Madeira News

Wondering what the picture is? That innocent looking vibrant pink pouch (also available in a stern grey), has a sinister but useful purpose. I could have done with one of those as a kid, when smoking out the bedroom window as I heard a parent coming up the stairs, blowing frantically to get rid of ............ more

Blog on the road … 5

After one solitary day, almost without rain, I sit here typing away in the local library with soaking cold feet once again!


If you are familiar with the Britsh pub scene, you have to admit that the British pub is quite a different experience to a Madeira cafe / bar / snack bar, and there are ............ more

Blog on the road … 4 / Madeira news

Over the weekend, the madeira 4u blog team extensively researched the impact of the UK smoking ban in public places on the smokers themselves. Again, we needed to blend in, in order to put people at ease in the several venues we visited, which involved indulging in  yet more beer (prices ranged ............ more

Blog on the road … 3

Almost as promised, we report from the Wetherspoons pub in Weston-super-Mare, less well known as the Dragon Inn. Our live report ambition was thwarted, as the wi-fi internet was out of action. The Dragon Inn is one of these huge town centre pubs, as are most premises of the pub chain Wetherspoons. ............ more

Blog on the road – part 2

OK, well we didn’t quite manage a live report, owing to the fact that the free wi-fi didn’t actually exist.

The Raglan Arms in Weston-super-Mare UK is an old fashioned real ale pub, in the style of ‘spit and sawdust’ as it used to be known. Rather quaint, and probably untouched ............ more

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