Xmas weather forecast … and firework winge

I am a sort of ‘sat on the fence’ xmas person, and take each year as it comes, only deciding whether it was a good celebration once it has passed, and every year on Madeira so far I have enjoyed the xmas (albeit it’s only been 3 times so far) except for ............  ...read more

Car Tax and other ramblings

Officially the first day of winter today and of course the shortest day, and one of those calendar milestones I look forward to passing asap. Hopefully the next one will whiz by, being the changing of the clocks in March. Been a bit of a mucky week weatherwise, and I feel ............  ...read more

Levada Muggings?

Not much of exitement in todays press, so will keep it short today.

Its seems that over Christmas pork will be the preferred choice of meat for many Madeirans. Pork is growing in popularity, purely because it is somewhat cheaper than the other meats and poultry.

Suzette Stein of SPAD (animal protection) ............  ...read more

Odd's 'n ends

Only got back from the UK trip on Monday, but the weather seemed a little crazy here for a couple of days. Whereas the UK bad weather spreads itself out to make life miserable for everyone all of the time, here we get a months worth of UK rainfall in about 10 minutes. Still it’s good to get ............  ...read more

Madeira prices on the up (and up, and up …)

Source : Diário de Notícias 18/12/2007

Front page of the D de N today starts a long list of things that are going to rise in price on Madeira next year.

Starting with public transport (buses), with an estimated  4% rise in prices expected (pretty commendable really with oil barrel prices up so ............  ...read more

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