Internet worship, Car Parking, & odds 'n ends …

Source : Diário de Noticias 30/12/2007

Apparently you don’t need to go to church these days to worship your God, as doing it through the internet seems to be perfectly acceptable. It seems there are various websites and bits of software that have been developed to help you do this with Mass by ‘Power Point’ already making it possible to pray through the Net, whilst in Caniçal, the mass is projected using ‘Power Point’ .

“Technology communicates the word of Christ more and more through the Internet, the new ‘altar’ of the evangelization.” The Diocese of  Funchal, with the arrival of the new bishop, is apparently well into communion with the new technology (?).    

I guess you have to supply your own bread and wine though.

Not much of exitement in today’s paper, though briefly:

There is an article about a study to be undertaken to consider setting a standard car parking system / tariff across Madeira, whereas at the moment it is set by each municipality. Probably a good idea, especially for my town where the charges are rumoured to be amongst the highest on the island.

Also, lots of controversy raging and correspondence about the ‘killing of the pig’ an old and disgusting tradition in which the slaughter of the pig becomes a public spectacle whether you like it or not, followed by considerable gloating and celebration. Most of the readers letters on the subject are against it, though not always for the same reasons, but that’s hardly surprising as those who partake in such barbaric rituals probably don’t read or write.

So, did anyone go and see Bob Sinclar on Friday night (29th), along with Big Ali and his Sexy Sound System? It was virtually devoid of young people around here that night, so it must have been popular. I have no idea what Bob and his entourage do, but assume it must be something to do with music, and I wonder why it is that you have to buy tickets through branches of Alberto’s Opticians?

I am off to start clearing out my flower pots and start seeding a whole new crop of flowers for the spring. Everything has been infested with whitefly for the last 2 years, so I hope starting from scratch will eliminate the problem. If it doesn’t, has anyone got a successful whitefly remedy they would be kind enough to share with me?

Anyway, I hope everyone who reads this has a great night tonight, and I will be back tomorrow hopefully with some pictures of the celebrations and fireworks in Funchal or anywhere on Madeira, but only if some kind soul(s) send me some : [email protected]

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