A mixed bag of goodies

Carrying on from yesterdays Queen Victoria blog theme, the cruise ship ‘The World’ arrived yesterday. It is the first of the 12 cruise ships expected to arrive before Monday nights extravaganza. Big deal … I hear you say?

No, you want more? It was built in the year of 2002 at a cost of around €300 million, but it is rather special because it is a ‘Time Share’ cruise ship. You actually buy weeks in an apartment that you can use yourself, rent out to someone else, or sell on your investment at some later stage. Nice, … but I don’t think I would fancy the annual maintenance fees though.

Well I don’t know about the rest of Madeira, but it looks like my little town is going to be totally non-smoking for bars and restaurants come next Tuesday. As establishments that want to allow smokers have to install smoke extraction equipment to do so, one would expect to hear plenty of banging, sawing and drilling going on … but not a peep. A quick visual inspection confirmed the same.

In a horror story from Friday’s news, you will no doubt be mightly disturbed by the report that some bananas were blown off their mother-plant, when a helicopter tried to land at Funchal hospital. He we are worldwide facing stories of new year tsunamis and assassinations, and the big story of the day here is a few bananas falling off.

Did you know that the banana plant is actually a herb, and it’s the biggest species of plant in the world (well that’s what a bloke in a pub told me).

If you want to be where the action is tomorrow night, but want to avoid road closures and diversions and going deaf, then there is some info and maps here : http://www.dnoticias.pt/ . Once you are on the website:

Then click on the link … Edição do dia: DIÁRIO de Notícias on the left

Then click on Madeira on the left hand menu, then click the first item:


Madeira: Mapa da festa

You may have register to get access, but it’s free. There are maps of the island where all firework displays will take place, with details, a map of the important locations in Funchal, and lot’s of other useful info.

Please send me some photos to publish … please please (email to [email protected]) many thanks in anticipation.

Até amanha!


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