A mixed bag of goodies

Carrying on from yesterdays Queen Victoria blog theme, the cruise ship ‘The World’ arrived yesterday. It is the first of the 12 cruise ships expected to arrive before Monday nights … Read more

Talking Rubbish?

Source :  Diário de Notícias 28/12/2007

If you have children that go to school here then you will need to be aware that there is a new law governing what … Read more

Levada Muggings?

Not much of exitement in todays press, so will keep it short today.

Its seems that over Christmas pork will be the preferred choice of meat for many Madeirans. Pork … Read more

Odd's 'n ends

Only got back from the UK trip on Monday, but the weather seemed a little crazy here for a couple of days. Whereas the UK bad weather spreads itself out … Read more

Christmas Shopping on Madeira

Christmas shopping hasn’t yet arrived on Madeira, according to Sunday’s Diario de Noticias. Everything is left until ‘the final hour’, as is normal for the Madeiran’s, and probably for many … Read more

Madeira & UK News


The law and order authorities in the UK are considering a proposal where the decision on whether to imprison a criminal or … Read more

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